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Thanks, for replies. I don't see how a simple ease would work since my target would be a constantly changing float between -1 and +1.

In unity inside the input manager you can use 'Gravity' and 'Sensitivity' to adjust the "Reaction"

In rewired there must also be something like this, but not sure where to find at the moment.

Yes, I think a gravity modifier would be the easiest way to solve this. I googled around quite a bit before posting my question, but as far as I can figure out Rewired has no such setting, only sensitivity which wouldn't really make any difference in this case, just up the values I'm working with. They do have a gravity setting for simulating a joystick when using binary buttons though, so I guess I could use that but then I would loose input granularity.

So I guess my options are to either figure out how to do this manually or just ditch Rewired and use the stock Unity input manager.


I'm using Rewired to get axis input from a gamepad analogue stick. This gives me two floating values which I use to generate a vector, which is the target of my Controller Move. This works great except my character starts and stops instantly, and I'm trying to achieve a gradual acceleration/deceleration.

I think I would need to implement some sort of easing/damping on my input axis, but I can't really wrap my head around on how to go about doing this as I'm trying to ease to a constantly moving target.

Any ideas or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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