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Work In Progress... / Re: [WIP] New Era: Wolf Squadron
« on: August 09, 2019, 06:51:56 PM »
Just making a quick project update. I have crated several screens like the mission selection, main menu, loading screen, mission fail screen.

Im going to work on making the starfighter selection screen next. One thing I am thinking of doing is to make the mission select screen be in a 3D room. So it makes it feel like you are looking at a monitor in a briefing room when selecting a mission.

Also, I have make 2 starfighter classes in the game. Fighter and Bomber. Cant wait to release a prototype demo for you guys to play. I'll keep the update coming.


Work In Progress... / [WIP] New Era: Wolf Squadron
« on: July 29, 2019, 09:51:55 PM »
Hey Everyone, my name is Sam and I will like to finally show the Unity 3D community what I been working on for a while. My project is called New Ear: Wolf Squadron.

The idea for the over all game is to be an action pack air/space combat game. You play as Wolf Squadron’s, Wolf Lead. The Idea is to have 6-9 missions (levels) you unlock as you play the single player. Missions will consist of missions you will normally find in such game. Defend targets, attack targets, dog fights etc. The inspiration for this comes from the Ace Combat games and Star Wars Rouge: Squadron for the N64. You will have the options to unlock and pilot a few different star fighters.

Though the major idea for this game is, its going to be designed for “PC Console” gaming. Which means it being made for a controller (preferred Xbox-360 or Xbox-One) controller and to be played at the comfort of living room couch. No keyboard and mouse support. Sounds risky but with the Ryzen 2200G, 2400G, 3200G, 3400G APUs being released, and people nowadays are looking to have a very small form factor PC to play games, and games in the living room; why not try to make a game that can run on such hardware. Also, if possible have it released on actual consoles.

As far as the story or background plot of the game I don’t have a solid idea yet, but as my project progresses, I will have something. Here are a few screen shots of my project. I’ll be updating this forum page as the game continues. I will try to get a video uploaded as well. More one thing, once the project comes together. I will make development build for people outside my circle to play, to get more realistic feedback and not just biased feedback. I update this forum post once builds will be made and available for download.

My project is using Playmaker as the main programing. Though I am also using a heavily modified Air Combat package.

Hope everyone likes what I made to far. I will be adding images soon

Thank you,

Sam J

PS. Where in the Unity forums I can post help wanted for 3D model artist, music, 2d graphics artist?

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