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Glad to hear that!

Thanks Jean!

What i mean by script is the tutorial unity has seems simple to use for basic humanoid motion.. is it worth using that (performance and ease of use?) or is playmaker better.. i saw this tutorial for animating a kitty.. but it seems like using default method is easier.. am I wrong?
Thanks in advance.. :D

Nevermind.. figured it out.. just going to leave this open as to help others who might go through it.

In the Send Event change the target to "Broadcast All" on both events (it was suggested in the youtube link to make it  Game Object FSM".  Ignore that and make it "BroadCast all".

Hope this helps.

Hi, i'm trying to go through the tutorials to get used to the program... so far I'm loving it (thanks for the effort making it)... but the tutorial seems to use the broadcast event and from what i read its obsolete ... can anyone help?


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