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This sounds pretty cool! i am glad that its a fixed price! that way, i can continue learning unity and playmaker, and after a while still purchase both add-ons or more when its available.

General Discussion / Re: i am very new to unity and playmaker
« on: December 12, 2013, 12:57:40 PM »
Welcome to the community! =) You don't need to do any coding at all.

What you do need to know is..

  • The fundamentals of how Unity works
  • The fundamentals of what kinda of data the system needs to do something
  • The ability to logically troubleshoot a flowchart

If you don't know how Unity works, then you won't get anywhere. It's worth going through some of the Official Unity Tutorials just to understand how Unity works, what prefabs are, what GameObjects are, how Materials work, how Lighting should be setup, how the collision system works, etc..

The fundamentals of data is the more technical side of designing things, you'll need to understand what variables are and what they do. For instance what is a String, Vector2, Vector3, Float, Integer, GameObject, Object, etc.. and how/when/why to use each one.

PlayMaker works like a flow chart, if you understand the fundamentals of how the computer is going to kind of process information then you can basically put a flow chart together in your head of how the system will work, then mirror that into playmaker. It's pretty much that easy.

You'll figure out nearly all of this as you start developing but I'd highly recommend taking things slow, start with the Official Tutorials and then take playmaker and start trying to make a very simple game, like Pong or something just to get familiar with FSM's and such, then move on to something harder.

If you bite off too much, you'll quit. Everyone needs a small feeling of success on a regular basis.

Now i know why you are a hero member. Thank you very much! i will do exactly that of what you say! take things slowely

General Discussion / i am very new to unity and playmaker
« on: December 12, 2013, 07:06:56 AM »

I just purchased playmaker, because it sounded too good to be true.  Create 3D games without entering a line of code.

However, i am very new to using unity and i have no programming skills. What do you recommend me to do first and from there on? Can i just start using playmaker? Or do i need to master the skills of programming? Things like this really confuse me.

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