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PlayMaker Help / How to create a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story game?
« on: January 02, 2014, 07:25:26 AM »

I'm looking for any advice or links to tutorials that cover creating a choose your own adventure style of game using Playmaker in Unity3D.

Basically a passage of text, a choice of options for the player to select from by clicking on, which then leads to a new passage of text differing according to that option.

 I'm not an artist so the amount of art would be limited which is why I hesitate to call it a visual novel.

I'm not an experienced programmer but in my mind I see the way to creating this with unity3d and playmaker to be creating the text as an art asset and the choices as buttons?  How could I track choices? Or implement random encounters?

Or am I going the wrong route and shouldn't be doing this with playmaker? And should look at Ren'Py or something. I'd quite like to make it in Unity because of its export options though.


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