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I'm a Spaniard from Madrid and would gladly help you with the Spanish translation if you still need help with that. :)

PlayMaker Help / Re: Animations not reacting correctly to the touch.
« on: February 05, 2014, 12:48:56 PM »
I'm not quite sure what you mean,In the animator I've got a "Direction" Variable that with a threshold from -1 to 1 -1 being left,0 forward and 1 right. On my FSM i set that variable accordingly to a value of -1 in the "RunningLeft" event and 1 on the "RunningRight" event,then after the "CHARGING END" event ends and goes back to "StartRunning" I set the "Direction" to 0 so it playes the forward animation.
Maybe I'm missing something?.

PlayMaker Help / Animations not reacting correctly to the touch.
« on: February 04, 2014, 01:36:30 PM »

Given this FSM my little guy isnt playing the runningleft and runningright animations properly.
-In the wait for input state when i keep the touchscreen pressed it enters the charging state,after that i get X value of the touch.
-In the checkside I check that value against the Width of the screen,if i tapped to the left of the value EX:screen width is 480,480/2=240,with this i check if the tap is < or > than 240 to decide which side I should run,but it doesnt enter properly,its just  very random. Any idea and thanks in advanced!
PS:Also,is there an input to keep the touchscreen pressed? the charging state always ends at 1(it goes up from 0 in like 1 second).I'm using input touches asset.

Well Answering myself,I'm just redoing what i had already done now using PM,obviously I keep the logic I just "translate it" to PM FSM's.

Hello and thanks in advanced,I'm also not sure this is the appropiate forum to ask this so feel free to move this to the appropiate forum.
Anyway,I'm a programmer with not so much unity experience(even tho I can get around doing stuff looking up the documentation usually).
My team and I are working on our first game and I have already written some of the scripts for the gameplay(there aren't that many just yet,just some controllers and other small stuff),we are working using 2dtk.Can I use those scripts along with PM(aka accessing state variables in my scripts) or should I write everything again using PM and custom actions?.
Thanks again and sorry if the message is poorly formatted. :)
BTW great product ;).
Edit: I'm also using simpleSQLite for our DDBB,can I just write custom actions for that or how should I proceed?.

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