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Hey everyone,

I know many folks have been talking about getting a user wiki going to share tutorials and actions and more, so we've gone and done just that.  We've started a Community Wiki for you, the awesome folks in the Playmaker Forum.

Community Wiki Link:

The Community Wiki is an offshoot of the main Help Wiki and as you can see it's in its INFANCY ;-)

What we need are interested folks who want to help build.  Yup, we want you.

Now, because Fogbugz is what it is, in order for you to contribute I'll have to set up Community accounts for everyone who is interested in being a contributor.

If you want to join, send a MESSAGE to denkiva (me) here on the forum with your:

First/Last name & email address.

Once I sign you up, you'll receive an email from FogBugz linking you to the password creation process and giving you access to the Community Wiki.

This is new to us as well so we ask your patience as we sort this all out and get the ball rolling!

Thanks so much! 


PlayMaker Announcements / Playmaker 1.1 Coming... NOW!
« on: April 04, 2011, 07:25:54 PM »

Playmaker 1.1 has officially launched. Yes Unity approved it a wee bit faster than we expected but that just means you can experience the goodness now! Here's our press release.  Though remember if you ALREADY have Playmaker the upgrade is free :-)

Hutong Games Releases Playmaker 1.1
For immediate release

BOSTON, MA. — April. 4, 2011 — Hutong Games today announced the release of Playmaker 1.1.  Playmaker lets you quickly make gameplay prototypes, A.I. behaviors, animation graphs, interactive objects, in-engine cut-scenes, interactive walkthroughs and more.  Hutong Games continues to create innovative tools that help you realize your creative vision without knowing how to program!

Playmaker 1.1 New Features and Actions

  • iTween: Full support for the powerful iTween library, including live path editing. Create smooth motion and effects with ease!
  • IOS/Android: Quickly hook up mobile device actions including touch events, acceleration input, swipe gestures, and GPS!
  • Templates: Improved workflow for Copy/Paste and Templates. Copy whole FSMs or create a library of templates and quickly apply them to new game objects.
  • Performance: Improved performance for OnGUI actions using the new PlayMakerGUI component. Pay no cost if you don’t use OnGUI.
  • GUI Editing: Realtime editing of GUI actions - preview OnGUI without running the game!
  • PlayerPrefs: Save/load variables at runtime.

Plus workflow improvements that add up to a smoother editing experience, and new sample scenes that help you hit the ground running.

Get the full Playmaker 1.1 release notes.

Pricing and Availability
Playmaker 1.1 is available now through the Unity Asset Store for $100.

New Playmaker Forum
Hutong Games has launched the new Playmaker Forum, a community where Playmaker users can share ideas, showcase new projects, and get the latest Playmaker updates and downloads.

About Hutong Games
Founded in 2010 by Alex Chouls and e.Ko, Hutong Games strives to create innovative interactive entertainment that engages on many levels. In the process, we develop tools that empower creative people - and we share them with other developers! Hutong Games is headquartered in New England, with offices in China.

We've submitted Playmaker 1.1 to the Unity Asset store and are waiting for approval.  ;D We're very excited about this release and hope you are as well?  If you haven't taken a look we have the release notes here:

We'd love to know which features and actions you are most looking forward to!  What are you gonna do with all of the new actions??

 :D :D


PlayMaker Announcements / Playmaker 1.1 Coming in April!
« on: March 28, 2011, 09:07:05 PM »

Hutong Games is happy to announce that Playmaker 1.1 will be released in early April.

Here's a rundown of the crazy amount of upcoming Playmaker 1.1 goodness:

New Features

    * Full support for iTween, including live path editing. Huge thanks to Marek Ledvina for his great work on these and other actions!
    * iTween Actions are only possible because of the excellent iTween library by Bob Berkebile (pixelplacement). You can support iTween here.
    * PlayMakerGUI component. Central manager for OnGUI calls. OnGUI was simply too expensive (especially on mobile devices). This approach doubles the frame rate with lots of objects!
    * NOTE: You now must have a PlayMakerGUI component in the scene to see OnGUI actions, state labels and iTween gizmos!
    * Preview OnGUI actions at edit time! Finally you can tweak GUI controls without running the game!
    * Copy/Paste Fsm. Quickly copy FSMs onto new objects.
    * Add Template. Quickly add a whole FSM template to selected objects.
    * Search field in Action Browser.

Bug Fixes

    * Fixed: MovieTexture actions would cause compile errors on Android platform.
    * Fixed: Variables were not added to target FSMs with Copy/Paste and Templates.
    * Fixed: String, Color, and Vector3 variables were missing from Copy/Paste/Templates.
    * Fixed: FSM selection drop down could appear empty if play mode changed while Playmaker was in a hidden tab.
    * Fixed: Play Animation action Finish Event wouldn't fire if loop mode set to Once.
    * Fixed: Audio Play action finish event.


    * Editor selection and scene selection kept in sync unless Lock is checked.
    * Add Fsm To Selected now works on multiple selected objects.
    * Undo/Redo Add Fsm To Selected.
    * Separated custom events from system events in the UI to make them easier to find.
    * Removed debug info from BroadcastEvent action.
    * Added preference to not error check for components. Useful if you tend to add components at runtime.
    * Added Component parameter to EnableBehavior, so you can drag and drop a component onto the action.
    * Added Layer Mask to Explosion, MousePick, MousePickEvent, and Raycast actions.
    * Added Material Index to material actions, so that you can target any material on an object.
    * Moved Release Notes to About Box.

New Actions

    * Animate Variables
          o Animate Color
          o Animate Vector3
          o Curve Color
          o Curve Float
          o Curve Vector3
          o Ease Color
          o Ease Float
          o Ease Vector3
    * Camera
          o Get Main Camera
          o Screen To World Point
          o World To Screen Point
   * Convert
          o Convert Vector3 To String
   * Device
          o Device Orientation Event
          o Get Device Acceleration
          o Get Device Roll
          o Get iPhone Settings
          o Get Location Info
          o Get Touch Count
          o Get Touch Info
          o Project Location To Map
          o Start Location Service Updates
          o Stop Location Service Updates
          o Swipe Gesture Event
          o Touch Event    
   * Game Object
          o Add Component
          o Destroy Component
          o Get Layer
          o Get Owner
          o Has Component
    * Input
          o Screen Pick
   * iTween
          o iTween Look From
          o iTween Look To
          o iTween Look Update
          o iTween Move Add
          o iTween Move By
          o iTween Move From
          o iTween Move To
          o iTween Move Update
          o iTween Pause
          o iTween Punch Position
          o iTween Punch Rotation
          o iTween Punch Scale
          o iTween Resume
          o iTween Rotate Add
          o iTween Rotate By
          o iTween Rotate From
          o iTween Rotate To
          o iTween Rotate Update
          o iTween Scale Add
          o iTween Scale By
          o iTween Scale From
          o iTween Scale To
          o iTween Scale Update
          o iTween Shake Position
          o iTween Shake Rotation
          o iTween Shake Scale
          o iTween Stop
   * PlayerPrefs
          o Player Prefs Delete All
          o Player Prefs Delete Key
          o Player Prefs Get Float
          o Player Prefs Get Int
          o Player Prefs Get String
          o Player Prefs Has Key
          o Player Prefs Set Float
          o Player Prefs Set Int
          o Player Prefs Set String
    * Vector3
          o Vector3 High Pass Filter
          o Vector3 Low Pass Filter
          o Vector3 Normalize

New Samples

    * Device
          o GetDeviceRoll
          o GetLocationInfo
          o RollBall
          o ShakeTest
          o SwipeGestureEvent
          o TouchCount
          o TouchEvents
          o TouchInfoTest
    * GUI
          o RotateGUI

There's some great stuff coming your way!  

General Discussion / Would you like to "like" us on Facebook?
« on: March 28, 2011, 04:22:10 PM »
UPDATE!!! We have reached 26 fans and are now:

I was so worried that I was going to accidentally register us as HutnogGames and then be hated by everyone... but all is well.  THANK YOU FOR LIKING HUTONG GAMES!



Sorry to have to ask, but as we're stuck at only 22 Facebook fans, I'm taking desperate measures to poke at you lovely folks.

Hutong Games has a Facebook page:!/pages/Hutong-Games-LLC/163141367059519

It's been slow building and we've resorted to bribing friends and family members to "like" us!  But I figure since you like Playmaker you might just like Hutong Games too!

Once we hit 25 likes we can register for a shortened FB name as you can see, the above is quite long and unsightly and would like horrible on a business card ;-) we'd have to tell folks to please flip over the card to read the entire address!

We will be posting announcements, cool videos from folks like you who are using Playmaker, what conferences Hutong will be attending and fun stuff like that. We promise not to comment on your statuses,tag you in photos, or tell you what we had for lunch... (We'll leave that stuff for Twitter... :-)

Thanks so much!

Vanessa :D

General Discussion / Welcome! Please introduce yourself!
« on: March 20, 2011, 08:01:02 PM »

Welcome to the Hutong Games Playmaker Forum! Please feel free to introduce yourself, and tell the community what your working on with Playmaker!  ;D ;D

Known PlayMaker Issues / Known Issues 3.20.11
« on: March 20, 2011, 07:51:05 PM »

    * The Unity Editor claims textures have been leaked by the Playmaker Editor when saving a scene. However the textures are still being used, so this may be a false error... either way it appears to be harmless. Open Unity Answer Question.
          o Solution: Will fix if it turns out to be a real error.
    * If you switch to a project that doesn't use Playmaker, any Playmaker windows saved in the layout will display "missing script" errors.
          o Workaround: Save your Playmaker Layout and Load it when using Playmaker.
    * Foreign characters in game object names may display incorrectly in the UI and can crash Playmaker in some situations (e.g., Chinese characters on mac os).

Graph View

    * Drag selection marquee gets stuck if user releases mouse button outside Playmaker window. Case 13
          o Workaround: Click again in Playmaker window.


    * Undo/redo isn't very granular when editing action parameters. Case 19
          o Need to fix this...
    * Play Animation ( Finish event sometimes doesn't fire with Default Wrap Mode (it seems the animation stops short of the end). Case 87
          o Workaround: Use another wrap mode (e.g., Clamp Forever if it doesn't loop), or send the finish event from the animation instead.


    * No way currently to set order/priority of global transitions. Case 68
          o This is only an issue if you use the same event in multiple global transitions and want to set priority. Might not be that common a use case...?
    * No quick way to change the order of transitions. Case 10
          o Would be convenient for Sequence Event Action and keeping the graph tidy.
          o Workaround: Swap transitions manually by editing them.


    * Pasting states/templates adds the necessary events and variables, but it currently doesn't handle the case where the FSM you're pasting into has a variable with the same name BUT different type. It assumes the variable is present, but in reality that variable reference will be lost and you'll have to add it again (with a different name). Case 69
          o Workaround: A lot of the time this conflict is avoided naturally since a variable's type influences its name. You could formalize this and use a naming convention that minimizes name conflicts between types (e.g., bools have Is or Has prefix that would never be used by another type).
          o Possible solutions:
                + Automatic rename?
                + Resolve name conflicts dialog?
                + Warn when variable references are lost?

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