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User Showcase / Dissertation project
« on: September 24, 2012, 03:41:10 AM »
I would like to show you the start of our dissertation project for our University Couse in computer games design.
We intend to release the game once the marking process is complete.
All made with Playmaker, the game has a steampunk theme.
We decided to make a test scene to satisfy ourselves that we could actually make the game as neither of us had used unity extensively for game making before.
We also had no experience at coding.
We can’t go into the game play in great detail until we have done our presentation in a few weeks;
this is more of a proof of concept.
But I can say the main character “Rusty” needs to pick up coal and water to keep his boiler going,
so he can complete the tasks. While avoiding “Cog” one of the worker robots has a water pistol that would put out his boiler,
no partials for the water yet.

Normal keys W A S D for movement, space bar for jumping double tap for double jump, left mouse button or Ctrl. To run, Right mouse to drop coal, that will attract the worker robots in gameplay. The satellite dishes give you a boost jump. For PC controller left joystick for movement, R2 for jumping again double tap double jump, I'm not sure if it's just my controller but the jump doesn't seem to work as well as it does on the keyboard. L2 for running, X button to drop coal

Any critique would be greatly appreciated.

Tom and Phil.

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