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PlayMaker Help / How do I pass Unity's Dropdown.value to FSM?[SOLVED]
« on: December 16, 2015, 02:34:41 AM »
Hi folks,

I have added a Unity dropdown menu, the tickable options of which return a value (0, 1, 2).

I want to assign each number (representing the dropbox options) a unity.gameobject to activate and disable. Sort of as a toggle.

I.e. ticking a box to make an object appear while making the other 2 objects dissapear.

My plan is to to let the dropdown.value decide which FSM event to send.


if dropdown.value = 0
activate gameobject Nr. 1
deactivate gameobject Nr. 2
deactivate gameobject Nr. 3

if dropdown.value = 1
activate gameobject Nr. 2
deactivate gameobject Nr. 1
deactivate gameobject Nr. 3


I can also set the FSM to be "recursive" on the activation, so I can turn it into a toggle.

Anyone know a JavaScript for this sort of thing?

TLDR;  Which Properties can be set with UnityEngine.Transform variables?

I am creating a scene where a Car is displayed in 3D. The car is parent to many 3D components each interacteable (mouse pick, follow mouse).

Now after picking apart the car, I'd like to right click a component and have it "reset" back to it's original spot, when the car first loaded.

I am currently storing the local transforms of the car components into a UnityEngine.Transform Variable (via Get Transform Action). The variable I call "StartingPosition". 

Now I want to use "Set Property"  to set the transform of a GameObject  with the transform information stored within the "StartingPosition" variable so that the object returns to it's... well: Starting Position. 

Since there is no "Set Transform" action I am trying to figure this out using "SetProperty"

Any idea which property uses which variable for getting and setting local transforms?

PlayMaker Help / Percentage via "Add Int" action?
« on: June 12, 2015, 09:40:05 PM »
Can one throw in a " *0.25 " (turn it to 25% of it's overall value) into the "Add Int" slot, and actually have it work?

If not, are there any actions that work with percentages?

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