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PlayMaker Help / Google Cardboard Trigger event
« on: January 07, 2016, 10:54:38 AM »

When I pull the trigger of my cardboard. I want to activate a action that allows me to send a event. Except I do not know which type of action I should use.
How can I tell my cardboard trigger to send a event?

Can someone clarify?

Hi there, I need some advice from you pros out there.
I recently tried this free scene from Allegorithmic.
The idea is cool but unfortunately this scene didn't work in Unity 5.

I want to recreate this with Playmaker.  I am familiar with
-custom SBSAR's and how to create and implement them.
-UGUI proxys with playmaker.

However. I am still learning Playmaker and some advice on where to start and how to begin would be very helpfull.
Please give me some directions where to start and I will do the rest of the research myself.


My objective is to cycle through all my material right-mouse clicking on the object.

But in state 3 (material cycle) the problem starts.
When I click on the game-object, the material doesn't change.

If anyone wants to take a shot. I appreciate the time and help.

PlayMaker Help / Toggling between 5 separate cameras. (SOLVED)
« on: July 01, 2015, 09:42:29 AM »
Hi, any ideas how to toggle between 5 separate cameras in the scenes.
I managed to get it to work with 2 cameras but gets complicated once there are multiple cameras involved. Quite simple between switching between state 1 and state 2. But how would you do this with for  5 cameras?

Can someone enlighten me. ?

The cameras are mapped to keys.
For example : Camera 1 mapped to F1    Camera 2 mapped to F2.


Hi, I just bought playmaker and I want to do something like this.
Would this be possible in playmaker?

Where should I begin with learning? Advice would be appreciated.

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