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I found there is an action of"Touch object 2d Event", and it can handle many situation of touch.
But How can I handle situation like,
 when the user touch my object,like "Began",
 holding the touch,like"Stationary",
and slide the touch outside the collider of my object, and finish the touch outside my object.
It's a very common movement of user.
At this moment, the touch is already finished,"ended",but it's taken when out of my object collider. My object can't react to this kind of movement,because it cannot received any event. All event that it can receive ,"Began""Moved""Stationary""Ended"and "Canceled" , are not suitable .

Is there any action or event, like"out of collider", "Ended out of  collider", or "Canceled out of collider".
If yes, it will be more convenience.
If no, can anyone help me solve this kind of porblem?Maybe there's alternative ways to react to these kind of user move, but i'm too bad on using playmaker.

Thanks .

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / String Join can't join a changed value Array.
« on: December 18, 2016, 11:08:22 PM »
I'm so happy that the playmaker release the array action!
But I encounter some strange bug when using it.

I'm using the action with action Sequence. ArraySet first and StringJoin later.

1.) using the "Array Set" function,
put value(for example:MyString(OMG)) into
the second index of String Array(SArray[why123,mid321,how123]).
That's changed the mid321 into OMG.

2.Then use the "Sring join" join them ,
and put the result into another String(ResultString).

3.)But, The "String join" join all the value but  except the Changed,Give me the Result in ResultString:  why123mid321how123.

I get the item of the Array and DebugLog it,
  and check it from the valuable table,
They all showed It's value had been changed into my value after my "Array Set" .

It show SArray element0:why123, element1:OMG. element2:how123]

but somehow the "String Join" ingore my change and join with old value.

I tried the "String Join"  with another pre-setted array,without change the value of array,  it works fine.

anyone got the same bug too? Or Am I did the wrong steps?

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