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PlayMaker Help / Unity 5 aspect ratio problems
« on: April 04, 2015, 08:22:48 AM »

Since I updated to Unity 5 and playmaker I have a problem that my aspect ratio functions doesn't work properly.
I use "Get screen size ratio" and save that value. I then convert that value to a string and save it as a global variable.
Then I use a string switch and check what the global string value is and then I set orthographic size of the camera depending on that string value.

I use that in all scenes when they start to set things right depending on what device the game is played on and I use it when I zoom in and out inside the scenes. It has always worked before Unity 5 and latest updating.

Now, when I play it on the computer, It works without any problems. But, when I try and build it for my iPad, it doesn't work anymore. Going nuts to try to solve this. Any suggestions?

PlayMaker Help / Transfer License
« on: March 03, 2015, 04:39:13 PM »

I would like to transfer my license from one account to another. Currently the license is under my personal mail adress but I would like to move it to my work mail adress, since that is what I use in Unity. How can this be done?



I would like an action where you can check to see if another app is installed on the device. I need this in order to see if the user has our other app installed or not. If it is not installed then I will run an ad about the other app in the one they have and vice versa. And if they already have it installed they shouldn't have to watch the ad for it.

PlayMaker Help / Prefabs messing up my project!
« on: August 19, 2014, 08:33:00 PM »
So I finally took the step and created a prefab for my menu system. In all my scenes I have a menu, where you can press a button on the side and a menu slides into view. There is also another button in that menu that pulls down another panel from the top, where you can choose to jump between chapters/scenes. I had to update some stuff now in it and up until now I have had only made a copy of it and pasted it into all the scenes. It was a hassle doing manually updates for all the scenes so I figured I would try out prefabs so I made the whole menu into one with all subparts.

The first problem was that in the cover scene and another scene, I needed it to be a bit different. So I did changes to it that I didn't apply. But for some changes still was put through to everything.

Then I noticed that when I had made the menu that a FSM I had for changing font size (font+ and font-) had target objects outside of the prefab that it applied the font size changes to. The game objects with the gui text objects on them. When I created the prefab it lost the linking to those object. I then clicked on change prefab in the FSM for the fonts, but it didn't let me add the gui text game objects outside of the prefab. So then I was forced to drag them into the menu and in order for it to stick to the prefab I dragged the menu to the prefab in my project folder. Then all seamed to be working and I did some other sizing changes to some images within the menu and applied it.

I then built for iOS and saved and closed down Unity, was going to bed. I then tried the app and noticed that everything had changed and there was no longer any subtitles at all in the app. So I checked Unity and now the text objects are totally missing from the project all together. Poof, disappeared with all their settings.

What the hell. What is going on?

PlayMaker Help / GUI Camera
« on: June 06, 2014, 06:54:41 PM »
So I finally took the time to create a separate camera for GUI. Before I had everything in just one "Main Camera" which was problematic when I wanted to zoom in with orthograpic size.

Everything works great and I have set the GUI Camera to depth 1 and depth only. The only problem I have is that only the GUI Camera is working with the touch. So when I touch the menu stuff and GUI items in the scene that are located in the GUI Camera, it works great, but the stuff that should be touchable (Touch Object Event) in the Main Camera doesn't work. If I add that the Main Camera is Main Camera from the Action Browser I get the Main Camera object to work with touch but not the GUI Camera items. I want the items with Colliders and "Touch Object Event" in both cameras to be working at the same time. What am I missing?


So I have a part in our next app where the kids are going to sort some fruit. I have set up ArrayMaker so that it picks random fruit. When the kid picks a fruit I want it to say "Yellow Banana" etc. I have all fruit random picked. So each time the kid plays the game they have 6 fruits to sort out of 15 randomised fruits. For the audio I also created and array with the corresponding audio clip for the fruit in the fruit array. My FSM pick a fruit and stores and that works well and the array for the sound picks correct sound for it and I store it in global variables.

The problem though is when I got to my other FSM, that handles the fruit sorting. When I look at Play sound, I can only choose to put a audio clip in. If I click on the button to pick variables I have nothing to choose there. Audio clips I have stored are stored as objects.

Help :)

PlayMaker Help / Can you remove several transitions at once?
« on: November 25, 2013, 10:22:47 AM »

Is there any way to delete several transitions within one or more fsm states at the same time? I try to mark more than one, but I don't get it to work. Also would be nice if you want to color more than one transition at same time.

Android Help / Need help on aspect ratio handling
« on: October 29, 2013, 04:44:35 PM »

So I have our app out for iOS and all there works great. I build a simple aspect ratio screen manager that checks the aspect ratio of the device and then it sets the camera (2d, orthographic) to the screensize that is the correct one for that ratio. It also moves the objects I have in the scene that acts as gui. Some basic arrows.

We recently released the app also for Android a few weeks ago and I thought I had covered even the most stupid aspect ratios for that. But now we got a support mail from one of our customers not being able to play the game since if the aspect manager doesn't set the apect ratio nothing works with zooming etc in the app.

Please look at the screenshots of how I have handled the aspect ratios and please guide me to how I should handle/fix this.

The last screenshot is not taken from the first scene where I do the "get the screen size ratio", but from one of the other scenes where placements for arrows(gui) is needed.


Android Help / & Ampersand on Android[SOLVED]
« on: September 07, 2013, 10:31:26 AM »

I've been searching like a maniac to find an answer on how to put an & in the app  name for Android. Our app is called Hanna & Henri and on iOS I have to write & for it to work, but on Android I haven't found any solution yet and at no other forums I have gotten any answers. & and many other signs gets replaced with _

I have looked on Google play and found several apps that have & in their name. I downloaded Order & Chaos Duels by Gameloft and they have O&C Duels as app name on the screen, so it seams possible.

I know this isn't exactly a Playmaker question, but I hope someone can help me out here. We are about to release our app for Android, but I need to get this sorted first.


Ive successfully released our app Hanna&Henri on the App store and Im in the making of get it up and running for more platforms, Android etc. This first app was my first project so I learnt all I know from making this app. Now we plan on making a sequel, but not only that, we will very likely have 12 other children's apps in the making soon that have most assets already ready to build with. I'm trying to think now before rushing into this and plan beforehand with the knowledge I have and hopefully with any helpful information you can provide me with.

If we focus the attention to the 12 apps, they will be in 2d/orthographic camera with simple itween animations and use of switching material for animation. It will contain illustrations, text, narration and a set of questions for the user to answer. I plan on making this for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac and PC. Aspect ratio is not something I worry about since I have learnt and build that already to handle, but resolution is still a problem.

When I built Hanna&Henri we just had 1024x1024 textures as backgrounds and then we had smaller objects at appropriate sizes compared to the background texture. As I understand it, you need to have several copies/texture in different sizes and swap between them in order to use appropriate texture for the device in use at the moment. If this is the way to do it I thought of putting the textures not within the app, but to have them be downloaded from a server when the app runs for the first time. What I found when looking around, it seams like www.texture is what I am looking for?

Does www.texture exist as an action in Playmaker? Are there other playmaker actions that correlates with www.texture that can be useful for me?

Am I correct in thinking that I need to have the image files on the server as .jpg if I want them to be without alpha channel and as .png if I want them to be with alpha channel? Is there anyway to use all import settings possible in Unity 3d when using www.texture?

When the app starts for the first time, should I have it check for an asset and if that asset is missing, trigger www.texture and download all the textures needed for the active device? Or is there some other smart way to do this check so that it download it once and then it is on the device and no internet connection will be needed for future use of the app?

Do I use "set material texture" in order to place the correct texture onto the correct quad in scene? How would I handle material, is that generated automatically from the texture when applied? Since I use "set material" in order to get an animation effect, how do I do this smart with this texture server strategy?

Any other things I need to consider and think about if I start doing things this way?

For me it looks like a good solution since we can have the app be small (under 50 mb) when users download it so that in App Store we can let the user download if they are on 3G. And it is also better for user since they only have the files they need for their device so file size will be smaller on the device than if it had all textures for all devices at once.

Really hope you can give me some answers and pointers. I really love working with Playmaker and I really like the help I have gotten so far in this community. You guys rock!

The app I have created, Hanna & Henri, is already out on the App Store and there is no bugs in that version at all. I created it with Unity 3d version 3.9 (latest of it) and playmaker 1.5. Now that Unity 3d let you use the latest version of their software with basic free also for mobile I thought it was time to upgrade to 4.13 and also update to Playmaker 1.6 since that is the latest. And now there are loads of suff not working that I have to sort out. Feels kind of sucky.

The first thing I have noticed now is that on the character Henri, I have a subobject(empty) called clothes and under that I have empty objects for pants, shirts and sox. All those empty objects have been disabled and underneath them I have 9 objects of shirts, 9 pants and 9 sox, all disabled. Then I have an FSM that is an intswitch that activates ints 1-9 depending on players choice and then I use "activate game object" to activate correct pants, shirts and sox. But since I upgraded it doesnt let me have the parent object inactivated in order for the child to be activated. Why is this? I guess it might be a thing in Unity 3d and not in Playmaker, Im not sure. Any recommendation, comments?

General Discussion / Blackberry and Windows Store Apps
« on: May 22, 2013, 03:59:16 PM »

Just came back from Unite Nordic and I am planing och porting our company's app also for Windows store apps and for Blackberry, since the basic licenses for those will be free and soon available for Unity. My entire app is coded with Playmaker and I now wonder if that is going to be a problem? The app is created for iOS already.

And if there is something needed in Playmaker to get it working that you at Hutong games need to add, are you planning on doing that and how soon in that case?

User Showcase / Hanna & Henri - An interactive children's book for iOS
« on: April 06, 2013, 03:48:13 PM »
Hi everyone.

We are working on our first project that is an interactive children's book called Hanna & Henri. It's in 2d and it's a short story about two best friends. It is Hannas birthday and Henri needs to go to the toy store and get her a gift. Before each new scene we have the child doing an interactive exercise that is educational and fun.

We are three guys from Sweden in the company, called Tales & Dice. One is doing the web, the other is doing all the wonderful art and I am doing the manuscript, story, coding and sound.

A year ago I knew nothing about coding and the plan was for the web guy in the team to code the app. He had never used Unity 3d before, but I had been watching tutorials for a long time to get a hang of it. It started out pretty good and I started picking up some code lingua while I was showing him around Unity 3d and he was coding. We got stuck on a problem with dragging objects pretty early into development and I started looking for answers and came across Playmaker when trying to find simpler ways to code. I decided to look at tutorials for the next couple of days to see if I could grasp Playmaker. It felt like it was something I could get into so we decided to purchase it.

Noticing that my friend had a hard time finding time to work on this project, I started to realise that if this was ever going to be done, I had to start coding. So I started out with a simple "Manager" as I call an FSM. "Get screen size ratio", then different states depending on screen ratio to set the camera orthographic size to correct size. Then I kept on working it out. I had a lot of help in this forum when I got stuck on some harder problems. Thanks Jean Fabre for your help.

So now we are finally seeing the finishing line. Working hard right now with the last bits, specially sound. Planning on getting the app out on App store before the end of the month.

If you are curious about how our app looks and to try it online, please go to and here is our fanpage on Facebook.

Hope you like it!

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Having time problems in 1.5.3. ETA 1.5.4?
« on: March 06, 2013, 08:20:17 AM »
So a lot of stuff stopped working in my app for iOS after I updated to latest Playmaker. It needs me to put in a lot of waits in order for it to play nice. As far as I understand it it will be fixed in 1.5.4? Do we have an ETA for 1.5.4?

So I have a working drag object FSM now. I actually have a solution to my problem, but it doesn't feel like the best one. I hope anyone have a better one to share.

In my FSM I have that I can click on an object (a shirt) and it gets selected. I can then click on a target object (a box) and the shirt will be animated/moved into the box. I also have it so that you can drag the shirt. This is where it gets tricky. I have made a rect in the area of the box and use rect contains. So when the finger stops, it moves over to rect contains state and checks if rect is true or false. If true it moves over to the animation/move state, all is good and if the finger stops outside of the rect the item moves back to its original position.

I am now making a few of these FSM in different scenes and I am not to happy about the rect thing. I think it would be much smarter if I could use the box as target or the box collider in some way.

If rect is the way to go, I would appreciate some help in how to calculate where it should be. As it is now I have to guess (since I cant see it) and then build to Ipad and try, and then back and change etc. It is pretty time consuming and boring.

Hope anyone has any idea. Cheers

P.S Website for our app is soon up so you can see what I have been working on :)

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