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Hello, in a project I have been working on (I can't go into too much detail because its a live project), I have had trouble changing material or activating/deactivating objects with different materials between scenes using data saved using global variables. I've done this by saving data using string variables and boolean variables in a scene which saves the options the player chooses and comparing those variables in another scene to represent those choices.
When built out, the project works on the following devices that I have been able to test; iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2, and the project doesn't work on; iPhone 6s and iPad Pro.

When the project is played on the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro the object materials don't change at all, they just stay white. I changed this system to activate and deactivate game objects with materials set on them and this doesn't work either, the objects just stay there with a white material.

I've tried building using unity 5.6.1p1 and Unity 2017.2.0 Beta. The project is also using 360 video content, I'm not sure if this matters.

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

PlayMaker Help / Video Player component
« on: April 03, 2017, 05:01:33 AM »
Hello, are there any plans for adding PlayMaker actions for the Video Player component added in Unity 5.6?

PlayMaker Help / Playing videos on mobile devices[SOLVED]
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:45:51 AM »
We are trying to create a 360 video panorama that works on mobile devices. The action we are using to play the videos is "Play Movie Texture", when we switch the project settings to build to Android we get an error saying that Play Movie Texture is a missing action even though it is still located in the project under Playmaker actions. Is there a reason this is happening or is it a bug? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Hi Guys,

We have been building an app for Android and iOS which we started using image targets and a combination of Playmaker and NGUI to trigger animations for our characters.

We have now migrated to user defined images from Vuforia and have run into a problem whereby the NGUI/Playmaker actions that trigger the animations no longer work.

Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas that could help solve this issue.

Big thanks to anyone who can help with this or share any ideas.


Specs we are using

Unity 5.4.2f1

Playmaker 1.83

NGUI 3.10.2

Vuforia 6.0.120

PlayMaker Help / Playmaker window not appearing. [SOLVED]
« on: June 13, 2016, 07:47:26 AM »
I recently created a load level system within Playmaker as a way for restarting the game I am working on, when I had finished my working day was over and when I opened the project again to continue working on it I found a load level definition error. This odes not allow to play the game and I no longer have a Playmaker window. I have tried exporting the project to a new empty project and still have the same problems although Playmaker works fine in an empty project. I have also tried an older backup of the game before I added the load level system and it works fine. I have attached a screenshot of the error, any help would be very much appreciated.

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