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PlayMaker Help / Disable "Select Game Object" in editor?
« on: July 08, 2019, 08:39:53 AM »
Hey, I already posted this on discord, but thought i'd post it here as well.

Is it possible to turn off or disable "select game object" button in the editor? or make it stop listing every objects i have in the scene? i think this is the culprit for everything going so slow when i have the editor tab opened due to all the object references it contains. if i switch from Playmaker tab to example Animation tab as shown in the attachment, things are running smooth again. in addition, unity doesn't freeze whenever I edit any Array/Hash components or Animator tab. there's always this 0.5-2 second delay when i toggle bools or write something in text fields.

I also tested performance in a new scene, and had no problems from above. editor tab was active, things was running normal and smooth due to way fewer game objects containing FSMs i'm guessing.

another thing, if i click "Select Game Object" in the editor, unity freezes for around 1-2 mins. afterwards i get 1500-2000 errors saying "failed to insert item. name: X

i've attached some images.

hope there's a fix for this, would really speed up my workflow.
looking forward hearing from you!

PlayMaker Help / Send local events to template using actions
« on: December 21, 2018, 12:04:15 AM »
is there a way to send local events to game objects ran by a template without using any scripts? With actions such as "Send event by name" etc... It doesn't seem to work.
I saw a "Store ID" input option on the "Run FSM" action, but not quite sure what to do with this. Does it have a function for something?

Work In Progress... / Road Doom (PC, Windows)
« on: July 24, 2018, 03:45:49 PM »
Hey guys, I've recently published my game in early access for free at! Would be awesome to get the game tested by you guys :) All feedback is much appreciated!

It's out!!


ROAD DOOM is an arcade bullet-hell with a cheesy story. You play as Road Warrior, the great mighty hero of the western lands. One day horrible beings invades your home, poking around trying to scavenge what they may find interesting. Road Warrior looses his temper, firing off his ultra mega lightning weapon of doom on the filthy beings. You become exhausted, weak, helpless... until your good buddy "Boat" arrives to re-supply your energy storage level! Determined, you move forward to push back the evil once and for all. A great quest lies ahead of you Road Warrior. Your determination and skill will be put to the test, as you fight against great beings of doom with powerful tricks. Save the world, defeat the Four Horsemen, charge!

Get it on Steam here:

Platform: Windows

Genre: Action, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Shoot'em Up

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