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PlayMaker Help / Singleton Manager
« on: January 22, 2016, 11:01:37 AM »
Hi and good day to you,

I am currently new to playmaker and have been slowly creating a metroidvania platformer style game. I have my Player spawning where needed and also have now prevented it from duplicating on level load.

However, I have been using the singleton manager action that Jean created a long while back. This works a treat when just placed in the start function of my player FSM. But the minute I then add a singleton manager to my camera, this creates 1 camera on level load (perfect) but now creates 2 players again!

I do have don't destroy on load on both camera and the player as I want to carry these both to every scene together.

I did have the camera set as a child to the player which worked perfect for scene transitions etc. but the minute I turned the character around to face left the camera then spun around to the back of the player (not ideal).

Hope my rambling makes sense and that someone can be of assistance.

Thanks guys.

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