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General Discussion / How to Make Pinch Action
« on: April 29, 2016, 01:05:31 AM »
Hi! i'm UX Designer, and first of all, Im very sorry my poor Eng cuz im Korean.

i am making some action about multi touch with playmaker, like Pinch action,

but there is no action about Pinch caculate.

What i needed is Caculate between two finger touch distance, but when i make as playmaker, two touch bring too many delay.

example, when i touch began with two finger on the Galaxy Tab Screen at same time, not working both. just work solo finger touch. but Touch time about with little term, it was work Perfectly.

what's my problem? am i fix unity update frequency? or fix playmaker logic? i used some bool type, and Get touch info, set postion, etc...anyway, this delay still there. plz teach me about Pinch action or recommend Good Plug-in possible use with playmaker.

thx for your reading.

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