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PlayMaker Help / 2D Asteroids style movement WITHOUT physics
« on: July 05, 2021, 12:54:56 PM »
Ok, so we all tried this one, and it works nicely with physics, you set your rigidbody to dynamic adjust the mass and drag, add force or even better, relative force and glide happily across the screen.

However, i'd like to have some more control over the process and i'm trying to make the same movement style using velocity. Of course, when you set the velocity, ship changes its movement direction with rotation, which is nice for a racing game or something similar, but not for space.

Anyone has the idea in what direction shoud i look for solution? Everything on the web just points out to good old physics.

Basically, ship should continue moving via the last direction player was when holding the move forward button regardless of rotation applied while it slowly, well, slows down, and it should slowly start moving towards a new forward direction when the move forward button is pressed again. Like adding relative force, but without physics.

PlayMaker Help / Precise platformer collision detection
« on: June 14, 2021, 10:31:34 AM »

i'm trying to figure out controls for a 2d platformer. I'm using translate movement on fixedupdate, raycasts every frame for collision detection and have locked the framerate to 60 fps yet i don't get precise results.

I am using 3 raycasts per direction. However, they are from the center of the character, might work better if they are from the edges and are shorter, though i played around with corgi engine and it uses 4 rays per direction from center of the character and it works flawlessly. I don"t know if they use translate or velocity for movement.

For example, when hitting wals, player always stop at a bit different position:

Any ideas on how to make it precise at all times?

I'm using the latest asset store version now and STILL after a while of working it fails to report the missing transition and auto add prompt.

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Set Enum action not working properly
« on: June 09, 2021, 10:22:23 AM »
I posted this on beta forum, but it's also not working properly on latest version from asset store.

I set the variables in the action

I click on events tab, and when i get back to FSM tab...voila!

Same thing happens when i press play.

Set FSM Enum, however, works fine.

Hi guys,

this is a common problem solved with coroutines when scripting. I have a loading screen that's supposed to be animated, but asyng loading chokes up the main thread so it's not animated. Any Playmaker solutions to this one?

Action Requests / Screen Set Resolution action update
« on: January 05, 2021, 03:01:11 AM »
Can we get an update or a new action where we can select fullscreen modes?

Exclusive Fullscreen

PlayMaker Help / String Switch Plus Action not working properly
« on: December 24, 2020, 05:29:11 AM »
I've got few of them in different FSM's, only this one seems to give me a headache. I get a string from array and try to compare it, and though everything's looking good, i get no match.

I have the exact same setup in another FSm and it works. There are no spaces after the string and things like that.


i'd really like to avoid dragging and dropping components and using set property to tweak components, and get component will probably get only the first component on the game object when i fire it multiple times. Script way would be to add them to array. What would be the Playmaker way?

PlayMaker Help / Call Static Method action bugs out
« on: November 30, 2020, 05:04:05 AM »
As the title says. I select the class, method name, add parameters, then i go to variables to assign unity.transform to Object variable and when i get back to the state tab i get this every time  >:( >:( >:(

Unity 2018.3.7f1, 1.9.1 beta 17, just don't tell me to update to latest beta.

PlayMaker Help / Protecting game made in Playmaker from hacking
« on: November 23, 2020, 02:19:19 PM »
Hello guys,

I should be launching the game soon, but i want the demo to be a full fledged game only with a time limit. I implemented local variable timer which shuts down the game after a while. I tried decompiling the game but i didn't manage to find anything close resembling any of the fsms. Any way it could be cracked?

PlayMaker Help / Transitions and events lost when deleting some states
« on: October 22, 2020, 04:31:32 AM »
Maybe this should be a bug report, i deleted some states and all the FINISHED transitions were lost, as well as the FINISHED event in the event tab.

When i try adding the FINISHED event to a state, only the dotted box appears, like in the transition that already lost the event connection.

PlayMaker Help / Got some paid work if someone wants it
« on: September 29, 2020, 11:52:27 AM »
Hi guys, i got a freelancer gig, but i'm tight with time on another projects. Guy needs some simple naninovel and playmaker integration, shouldn't be more than a days work. Ping me via pm if you want me to forward your contact or a direct freelancer job.

PlayMaker Help / Getting rid of console spam
« on: April 27, 2020, 07:47:20 AM »
Hi guys,

i'm doing some testing and i'd really like to omit some warnings if possible to cut down on the log size. Right now i'm getting spammed by:

AddEventHandlerComponent: PlayMakerFixedUpdate
AddEventHandlerComponent: PlayMakerLateUpdate
AddEventHandlerComponent: PlayMakerCollisionEnter2D

which i really don't need :)

PlayMaker Help / Arraylist not being cleared completely
« on: April 19, 2020, 04:52:08 AM »
Hi guys,

i'm having an issue with an arraylist, could be i'm not doing something good, could be a bug.

I have the arraylist prefilled with 17 game objects which represent some perks that can be picked up when you kill the boss. So, when you do kill it, a dedicated spawner spawns the perks and for each spawned perk it removes it from the arraylist so it isn't spawned again.

That works ok, 4 perks are spawned and 4 are removed from the arraylist, so 13 remain.

When you pick up any of the perks, a Perk Controller removes the remaining game objects from the arraylist so it can be repopulated. However, instead of removing all 13 game objects, it removes only 8 and finishes. I believe the setup is correct, there's nothing to it really, i tried forcing the iteration too, but to no avail.

I also tried with clear arraylist action instead of iterating through the array, i also get the same result, 5 items are left in the array.

I'm using Unity 2018.3.8., latest PM beta.

Btw, i also get this when i use the Max Rows slider during play mode:

InvalidOperationException: This cannot be used during play mode. EditorSceneManager.MarkSceneDirty() at None

PlayMaker Help / Global variables reappearing after reopening project
« on: March 19, 2020, 06:56:46 PM »
Hi guys.

Ok, so i did a little bit of spring cleaning of a project and i decided to ditch most of the globals and only the ones most frequently used since the globals have been nothing but trouble since i started working in Playmaker. That said, i made a globals manager that will hold all the relevant variables as local variables and everything else will just fetch stuff from it instead of using the global variable directly.

So i needed to transfer a lot of FSMs from using global variables to fetching variables from the manager and saving them locally. No sweat, i simply made local variables, named them the same and replaced the used global variables in states with local ones. Actually, almost every time those globals were actually replaced in states with locals the second i created the local variable with the same name as global variable.
Global variable disappears from the Variables tab and appears as a local.

The first problem i encountered was that the globals used count in the scene sometimes remained the same and pointed to FSM's that no longer used the global variable but local instead. Deleting the globals that were, according to used count in the scene, in use in some FSM's didn't cause any issues, those FSM's kept using local variables and everything worked fine.

However, after closing and reopening the project, those globals appeared in the list again, this time wih 0 usages. When i delete them again, save the project, close it and open it again, they appear again.

I will probably try deleting them again, exporting globals and then importing them to see if that will fix the issue, but there's clearly a problem.

If that doesn't help, i'll edit the asset file myself and hope they won't come back.

Globals suck, don't use them unlesss you have to.

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