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PlayMaker Help / Create a render texture from the camera at runtime
« on: October 09, 2020, 03:07:13 PM »
Hey all! :D
I am having  some troubles getting a render texture from the camera to an ingame screen at runtime.
What I hope to achieve is:
Having the players create several cameras
Having the players create several monitors
Have create a  material that is bound to one spesific camera's render texture so cameras are cycleable on the screens by switching materials.

What  im unable to do is getting the render  texture from  the camera and storing  it  into a  material at runtime.

Or is this a bad way to achieve this?
Thanks in advance!  :)

Edit, i  have found the "Set Camera Target Texture" on the ecosystem, which i belive  is  what i need, but i get some errors when downloading. Does  anyone know how to solve:
Assets\PlayMaker Custom Actions\Camera\SetCameraTargetTexture.cs(41,14): error CS0619: '' is obsolete: 'Property camera has been deprecated. Use GetComponent<Camera>() instead. (UnityUpgradable)'


Assets\PlayMaker Custom Actions\Camera\SetCameraTargetTexture.cs(41,14): error CS0266: Cannot implicitly convert type 'UnityEngine.Component' to 'UnityEngine.Camera'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)

PlayMaker Help / Pathfinding blocked path issue
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:47:01 AM »
Hello, i have been trying to figure this out for quite some but I have to admit defeat and ask you guys for some help!  :)
Im trying to figure out why my nav agents can find a path when the path is clearly blocked by an object with Obstacle and carving on. I have been trying a lot of different actions but just cant seem to get it working.
It results in finding a path no matter how i try to check the path, so im guessing im missing something obvious here but i really cant figure out what.

PlayMaker Help / Easy Save and instansiating
« on: September 26, 2016, 11:06:53 AM »
Hi all!

Is something like this possible:

When a prefab is instansiated, the fsm in task of instansiating will add the object to an array with its position and rotation and fsm variables, store it with easy save and load up on next startup with the values as they were when you exited the application? And if so, how would one go about doing something like that?

Or how make the Easy Save autosave feature include fsm values?

Thanks :)

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