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General Discussion / A graph of inter-FSM events
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:43:10 AM »
The PlayMaker communication graph is now shipped as part of RelationsInspector. As part of the launch, the full version is 50% off for a short time. Get it here:

Original post:

I'm developing a graph visulazing tool for Unity and would like to add PlayMaker support to it. In particular, I want it to show how FSMs are connected through events. Currently it looks like this:

The gif shows the PlayMaker window next to the graph window. All scene FSMs are shown as nodes, the events sent between them are shown as edges. When a node is selected, PlayMaker will select that FSM. Edge markers show their event name as tool tip and allow you to open the state that sends the event as well as the transition that receives the event via context menu.

As a PlayMaker novice, I'd be happy about any feedback and critique. I've tested only with the sample scenes and would like to see what the graph of a real project looks like.

If you want to install it, these are the steps:
  • Install the RelationsInspector demo
  • Install the attached package. It's the PlayMaker add-on for RelationsInspector.
  • Open Window -> RelationsInspector
  • Select PlayMakerFsmEventBackend from the window's toolbar dropdown.
  • Click the show active scene button in the toolbar. That will open the graph.

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