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PlayMaker Help / set Material float : intensity (HDR) [SOLVED]
« on: January 18, 2020, 03:59:52 PM »
I'd like to set the "intensity" Albedo HDR Color value of a  Particle/Stdrd Untity Shader.
Can't have a predictive result with the "Set Material HDR color" Action from the ecosystem.
So i'm trying the "set Material float " Action.
The action needs the "Named Float". Any idea what is the intensity "Named Float" ?
Don't see it in the shader properties.
Thanks  :-)

PlayMaker Help / curve instead of math float operator [SOLVED]
« on: January 17, 2020, 10:05:59 PM »
I need a float coming from a [0; 1] slider value to go through a math function (a curve) in order to get a other float ranging from other min & max values with possibility of non linear interpolation (ease in / out ...).
So i'd like a kind of "float math from curve" Action.
I'm sure you all do that all the time ! How do you do that guys ?
Thanks a  lot
Please excuse my English ;-)
PS : for now I use a "float operator" and "float add" Action ...

PlayMaker Help / Can't Name States
« on: January 09, 2020, 04:04:11 PM »
I can't type more than one letter in State Name field
or in "comment" Action field
after one letter the cursor moves elswhere.
I can rename Action though
I've reported this as a bug don't know if i did right ...
Have a nice day :-)

PlayMaker Help / Particle Set Property Min and max [SOLVED]
« on: January 09, 2020, 03:36:49 PM »
each particle parameter can be "constant" or "random between two constants" or  curve ...
When "random between two constants" a parameter gets two field, a min and a max value.
Only the max value seems to be accessible from drop down property list in "Set Property" Action.
eg : "Start size" parameter with min and max value. "startSize" property in "Set Property" Action only links to max Start size parameter.
Is there a way to acces the min value ?
Thank you.
Please excuse my english ;-)

PlayMaker Help / Onclic send event to NAMED fsm
« on: February 14, 2018, 02:40:41 PM »
I can send an Event to an FSM from the  OnClic() list of a Unity Button (PlaymakerFSM.SendEvent).
But it only works if the FSM has its default "FSM" name.
If it has a different name it no longer works.
Is there an easy solution (keeping my FSM name;-) ?
(attached screenshots)
Have a nice day :-)

PlayMaker Help / Event search or monitor
« on: January 16, 2018, 02:24:15 PM »
My game is getting bigger every day but my brains remains small ;-)
So i sometimes get lost in all the Global-Event sent from one FSM to an other.
Is there a way to :
- search in all the FSM if there is a "send event" Action for one of my Global-Event ?
- Monitor all the Events sent during playtime ?
Thanks  :-)

Feature Requests / Mute or deactivate or passtrough State
« on: December 18, 2017, 03:27:27 PM »
Sometime i'd like to "switch off" a state instead of deleting it...
eg :
   - i've got a state, not connected with other state, but with a global transition
           Just making it "inactive" so i can activate it again if i want.
   - i've got a state, connected this time with other states
          Make it "inactive" like a passthrough
So in other words it would be great to be able to test a FSM with or without a state  :-)
Sorry if it does exist already and i don't know ...

I've got GameObjects with "itween move Add" action within FSM.
Everyting is allright untill i clone those GObj at startup using "Create Object" action.

Then i've got this console error :
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
iTween.RetrieveArgs () (at Assets/iTween/iTween.cs:6793)

Any idea or advice ?
Thanks !
plmker 1.8.4 f5, Unity 5.6.1 f1

I'm working on a 2D game. (playmaker 1.8.4, Unity 5.6.1)
A Lot of my animated 2D(sprite)Game-Objects have to respond to MouseOver Event.
They all have a 2D-Collider-component set as trigger. And often have 2 FSM.

It works like a charm in Unity Editor, even if states with Mouse-Over transitions display a warning and I've got lots of "owner needs a collider or GUI Element to respond to mouse events!" errors in my error check window.
(all objects have 2D-Collider-component set as trigger though !)

Unfortunately it does not work in the Build.

- Any idea to have it work in Build ?
- how can i get rid of the ""owner needs a collider or GUI Element to respond to mouse events!" errors" ?

Thanks a lot :-)

PlayMaker Help / set screen resolution [SOLVED]
« on: September 14, 2017, 03:57:11 PM »
I'd like to know why the " Set Screen Resolution " action that can be found here :
isn't implemented in the 1.8.4 ?
Is it a bad idea to use it ? Is there a better / newer solution ?
I'm having a hard time getting a 3:2 resolution for my build and I was thinking about using it...
Thanks !

PlayMaker Help / Mouse Over doesn't work in Standalone Build
« on: November 30, 2016, 03:05:20 PM »
Hi, I start a new post as the last one about "mouse over" is quite old.

I use "Mouse Over" event on 5 Game-Objects (one FSM per GO). Everything works like a charm in the Unity Game-View. But in the Standalone-PC-Build it's not working anymore for 2/5 GO.
I've run hundred of test with no success so I'm quite desperate and need help.
Any clue ?
Is there an alternative to BuildIn MouseOver event ?
Thanks :-)

PlayMaker Help / Lock FPS Controller Rotation
« on: September 01, 2016, 08:13:22 PM »
I am (still) looking for a way to have the Unity5 FPS-Controller rotate only when the mouse is down.
I used to control the sensitivity with an FSM : (sentitivity=0 when MouseUp), but I can't access Sensitivity anymore with the new FPS-Controller.
Any idea or turnaround to get this result ?
Thanks a lot

Hi, I need to be able in my game to desactivate collisions on all walls/divider  at ones. I need to keep collisions on grounds obviously and there are hundred of walls.
Is Arraymaker the right tool to enable/disable the collision component on a bunch of objects ?
The truth is I don't know where to look to do this kind of operation.
Thanks !

PlayMaker Help / Set FirstPersonController Properties
« on: December 02, 2015, 01:51:01 PM »
I need to get access to MouseLook/sensitivity properties in the new FirstPersonController unity5 script.
Jean few month ago shared a new Action : "SetCharacterMotorProperties" .
With the new Unity5 "FPSController" how to set properties (walk speed, Moouselooksensitivity ...) ?
I asked for a "SetFirstPersonControllerProperties" Action in the "Action Requests" forum, but is there a walkaround ?

Action Requests / Set FirstPersonController Properties
« on: December 01, 2015, 06:23:09 PM »
Jean shared a new Action : "SetCharacterMotorProperties" few month ago.
It was very usefull :-)
By any chance has any "SetFirstPersonControllerProperties" been done for Unity5 ?
It would help me a lot ! 
I need to get access to MouseLook/sensitivity properties in the new FirstPersonController unity5 script. 

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