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PlayMaker Help / The Garbage Collection of Physics2D of bullets?
« on: January 14, 2017, 09:32:56 AM »
Hi, everybody,I am a newbie of playmaker, I am just working on a shooting game made with playmaker. But I find my game is always lag from time to time, so I used the unity profiler to check the issue(on editor mode,for on my android device I can not get the object name instead by N/A), then I found the lag spike is caused mainly by the Garbage Collection, then I found the two lagest amount of GC Alloc when game is running, but I can not figer out the reasons.
You can refer to the screenshots below.
I use the unity3d 5.5f3  and playmaker1.8.3.
The first one of the Physics2d which I used to the bullet detect with trigger2d event, if the bullet hit the enemy, then I send events to other fsms for despawning the bullet and spawn hit effect and floating text(I use the Core Game Kit pool boss).
As the second screenshot shown, the Destroy->  AttributeHelperEngine.GetRequiredComponents  I don't know where it come from.
Could you please give me some hints about them? Thanks!

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