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PlayMaker Help / Simple Get Key Down/Up fsm? [SOLVED]
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:56:11 PM »
There has to be a simple solution for this.

I want, when the user presses the A key, a model in the game is pressed down at the same time, and is held there until the A key is released, and then the model will go back to its original position.

Basically trying to mimic an actual keyboard.


Hey what's up, so I just downloaded PlayMaker today.

The main mechanic in my game is to being able to rotate the world clockwise/counter clockwise 90 degrees at a time, using keys.

As if you press the Q key and the world rotated CW once, stayed still, until that button is pressed again, or the E key is pressed to rotate the CCW. Similiar to how FEZ works. Being able to rotate left and right, however many times.

How is this possible?!


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