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PlayMaker Help / Joystick Direction to Rotation angle
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:53:52 PM »

So I'm trying to setup a camera relative vector that drives a float based on the difference of the direction the player is facing and where the left stick is pressing towards.

I can't use the Move Controllers because the Avatar is driving all the locomotion.

I want to take this float and pass it in as a float for the animator. So that if the player pressed in the opposite direction that the avatar would get the message to turn until the angle of the player & thumbstick lined up. So it's important that I am able to get a +/- 180 degree values from the player & thumbstick ables.

I have a Get Axis Vector, Transform Direction (avatar; 0,0,1), and a Vector3 Angle operation between the Axis Vector and Transform direction.

This kind of works, but it only returns positive results so the avatar only rotates clockwise. I tried multiplying the x-Axis to get a positive & negative rotation, but it doesn't work out when the thumbstick is pressed up & down.

I've run out of ideas on this.

tl;dr, I'm trying to get the camera relative delta between the angle of the thumbstick & the avatar direction as a float.

Is there an action I'm overlooking or a custom action that someone has written relating to this sort of thing?

PlayMaker Help / Joystick Controller Look action?
« on: June 03, 2013, 07:24:43 PM »
I'm trying to setup a third person controller.

I'm using the 360 controller and I have the 4th & 5th Joystick axis (right stick) mapped as inputs.

I'd like to use something like the Mouse look action, with looping Y rotation and clamped X rotation.

Could I map the 4th & 5th Axis to the Mouse X & Y signal? Or is there an alternate action that I could use?

I'm trying to use a mix of Get Axis Vector, Rotate, and then clamping Rotation floats. But it's giving me very bizarre behaviors.

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