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PlayMaker Help / Daikon Forge and Playmaker System Events
« on: April 01, 2014, 03:01:53 AM »
Hi everyone, i am using Daikon forge these days for some game and i have some trouble with system events. What i want to achieve is that when i mouse hover an Daikon forge element i want something to use Playmaker stuff since Daikon Forge stuff working pretty much drag and drop and with there is much more control with Playmaker, but there is problem cause somehow Daikon forge doesn't trigger some mouse related system events.
Theses events working properly:
 - Mouse Down
 - Mouse Enter
 - Mouse Up

And these events aren't working for some reason:
 - Mouse Exit
 - Mouse Drag
 - Mouse Over

Tested with every Daikon Forge element, buttons, sprites, textures....

Those System events working properly on any other game object but not working with Daikon Forge game objects.
Why is that, is there any fix for this?


PlayMaker Help / Photon Destroy [SOLVED]
« on: January 22, 2014, 06:52:24 PM »
Hi! Since we are working on one great multiplayer game we use Photon and ofc Playmaker but right now I am stuck with destroy function.
Here is the example of what I want to destroy:
I have my inventory which works just great for multiplayer and after drop item from inventory (it's synced to other players, they see it at proper position and rotation) to the scene I can pick it back ofc, but I want other players to pick that item as well because this will be use for loot after you kill somebody. Thing is that other players can actually pick that item and store in inventory but I can't destroy that item from network, item is set to be destroyed after someone pick it and GUI item will be added to inventory. Only player who drop that item can actually destroy it but I want to destroy it with other players, actually players who pick that item I want to destroy it.

So my question here is how can I actually destroy objects in photon network if I am not master client? IS there any way to get master client and do this:

" get master client and store it/ get game object you want to destroy and use set fsm game object to set game object you want to destroy in master client/ send event to master client to destroy that object"

So how actually I can destroy something that is network instantiated?
IF I use photon network destroy it will destroy item but only on owner player scene, not on other players scenes even if item has photon view component because only master client can destroy network item. Tried everything and don't have idea how to do this.
This is also important for me because I want to know how I actually spawn items on multiplayer scene like weapons, medpacks, ammo after some time visible by everyone and pickable by everyone.... and who picks certain item, that player should destroy that item.

Any idea how to solve those problems?
Thanks and Cheers!

User Showcase / Squarebite Inventory Asset package - NEW VERSION 3.0
« on: November 26, 2013, 07:37:52 PM »
Requires Unity 4.2.1 or higher.

Need ready to use inventory right from the box for your game? Squarebite  inventory is just for you, powerful Inventory system that will suit almost any kind of games. It is made with Playmaker and all values are easily modified and changed in the inspector, no need to code anything and using Playmaker is just delighting. New game developers will love Squarebite inventory, everything is commented and explained, easy to understand and even more easier to love

- Version 3.00 brings many great features and more stability overall
- Inventory, shop and container systems
- Powerful crafting system
- Interaction with objects, storing items, display on screen, transfers to any container with displaying certain type of items in any container
- Save game solution (using Serializer).
- Equipment system with Player Stats and Progress bars
- Character controller
- Character, items and sounds included.
- Every FSM commented and explained, easy to use and suitable for any type of games
- Hash Tables and Arrays included in GUIDE.
- NEW UPCOMING UPDATES COMING with popular inventory styles from most popular games like Diablo, Skyrim.... :)

In order to save and load game you have to import Unity Serializer and read instructions in Guide.

 Asset Store link:!/content/13203
Youtube channel:

There is over 45 pages guide with instructions and explanations inside this package which will show you how to properly use this system.
One important thing to say is that you will be able to save your scene using Unity Serializer (you have to import it ofc and to read GUIDE to setup and store what is necessary in order to save properly) and everything is stored using HashTables, items on scene, equipped items, chest, loot shop items and all items in your inventory will be stored with only few HashTables which is very powerful, you don't have to store every game object etc...

If you have any suggestion, problem or anything else you can post it on my new forum here:


PlayMaker Help / Change name of global variable BUG
« on: October 26, 2013, 04:33:32 AM »
Have a look at this image and tell me is this normal or not?
How come that I can't change the name of Global variable and I think I could change it early on with some warning.
This is important feature to change global variables, few times I wanted to change global variable and I couldn't so have to create new var and set new var in every object where is used.
Btw few times I deleted some global variable and it turns out that my project was messed up and variables gone crazy and some of them switched with each other which caused huge problem.
So anyone else having same issue with Global varibles?
Thanks! :o

User Showcase / After! New RPG game with 100% Playmaker
« on: October 11, 2013, 05:51:40 AM »
Hi! I am a Playmaker programmer for my small company and this game is created 100% in Playmaker.
This game is not complete, this is just to show our systems and currently I am working on other Systems for this game such as Dialogue/quest system, better character controller. On this video you can see Inventory, stats, health/energy bars, chest system (shop system soon) and many other things related to item picking, storing etc. I created this for our own game but I plan to sell it as package for Playmaker users so many of you can use it in your own games and learn from it about Playmaker even more, mostly about ArrayMaker, Hash Tables and some more complicated things.

This is will be RPG game that is inspired by Gothic 2 but game will be different ofc with some elements from gothic. Game is currently on Steam and we are waiting for Green light, and best part about this that Playmaker is so powerful that I managed to create everything in Playmaker and I will continue to do so.

Enjoy and Cheers!

Action Requests / Dialogue System[SOLVED]
« on: October 04, 2013, 04:38:17 AM »
Hi! I am currently working on dialogue system and i created one with Playmaker! I tried Unity dialogue Engine and it's cool asset but as always i want complete control over the system and that's why i decided to create my own. It's working system i made and text is animated by HoTween and displayed well in time depends on how mych character i have in text....

Here is the example image of how it's working and everything is fine when using action Split Text to Array List and set split char / or any other single char like @ # ... But my problem is that when i use that action,i want text to be split by paragraphs like this:

aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa a aaaaaaa a a aaa a aa
aaaa a aaaaa aa   aaaaaaa a aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa a a a
aaaaaa aa aaaaaaaaaaa a a   a aaaaa aaa a a aaaaaaaaa

bbbbbbbb bbbbbb b bb b   bbbbbbb  bbbb  b b bbbbbbb bb
bbbbb bbbbb bbbbb b b b bbbbbbbbb  bbbbbbbb bb b bbbb b

ccccccccc cccccccc ccc cccc cc cccccc c  cccccccccccc c
ccccc c c ccc

Using split by line isn't going to work because lines would be way to long and i though for that i should use split by tab and when i use it i get only first paragraph in Array List, others paragraphs aren't stored in Array List proxy idk why.
Then i tried to use split by char and i define string variable for that but it will only accept one single char and it will use other chars as next separators which is not what i want, i want to define for example this  {<next>}  and to split text by this separator inside the brackets and to use words with other chars for separating text
so my text would be like this:

<next> Aaaaa aaa a aaa a  aaaaa a aaaaa
aaa  a a  aaaaaa a aaa aa

<next> bbbbBbb bb bb bbbb b b bbb b bb

<next>cc c  cc cccccccccccccc  cc cc c
cc c c c c cccccccccc c cc

<next> dddddd  dd and so on....

So can anybody help with this and change this action or create new one instead for splitting text like this and modify this action Split Text to Array List to split text this way?

I like this approach of Dialogue and i have other Action request as well which will help a lot of us to work with string variables (i think it's one of the best solutions for making dialogue system) it's related to Jurassic at least it should be looking like Jurassic Execute editor.

Because Playmaker is State based it's born for systems like Dialogues and if you look at the Jurassic image you will see what i mean. I want to create text in current state with editor like that Jean made for Jurassic Execute, store it in String variable and animate/display with HoTween....

So this action can be called Text Maker or String Maker or something like that. This can be done with normal strings but those strings are created in single line and they are not really visible as a whole text so i think this will be better solution.

Thanks in advance!

PlayMaker Help / Inventory and Hash Tables loop lag[SOLVED]
« on: September 07, 2013, 03:11:01 AM »
Hi! I need some help here, not programmatically cause I am very familiar with Playmaker but technically related to Hash Tables and Array lists:

I am working on inventory, something like in Gothic 2 where you have chest items on the right side and inventory on the left side. When picking items from chest they will spawn in inventory with automatic list sorting and positioning by name on the screen, you can see in image provided what I am talking about. If I mouse over items they will scale and item information will be displayed on the bottom of the chest or inventory (depends on where the item is). By clicking items in chest they will be added to inventory hash tables and to number count hash table and vise versa they will be stored in chest by clicking them in inventory if chest is opened. This is system is fully working without bugs but still I have problems due to the hash table lag. Tried many different solutions, with planes instead of GUI textures and also with only text but none solution solved lag problem.

The inventory system works this way:
When item is clicked, it will set event properties (just item name) and send event to chest to subtract item from Chest Hash Table and to add it to Inventory Hash Table by get / set hash table. After that chest system will get event properties (store item name) destroy current chest list and create another empty list, then get hash table keys in array list and then loop by ArrayListGetNext through list by until it get's all items. 20 Items to loop is enough for me cause I can use loop index from 0 to 20 but still have that lag when clicking fast on items. Current inventory is made by 16 items loop, you can see on images bellow!

So I need technical help, did you test how many items can be looped through hash table instantly cause more items I have the greater lag will be.
Also if you want to see what I am talking about just use that Array Inventory Example and try to add 20 - 30 items to the loop system and you will get lag.
If hash tables and arrays can't support more then 20 - 30 items then what can I do, is there any other way for doing those things instead hash table / array list GetNext?
Gothic has 35 items in inventory and chest at the same time which is 70 and items spawn instantly when clicked .

I am planning to use this system to storage, shop and item transfer from chest to inventory and vise versa but I can't create bigger list due to the lag, when have 9 items in chest and 9 items in inventory then I don't have lag but more then that lag will start little by little.
Can anyone help me here or can you check those Hashtable systems, or JeanFabre can you somehow reduce that lag by checking HashTable / ArrayListgetNext?

If you solve this for me then you will see soon some very great game created only with Playmaker and I will be very grateful to you ;)
Thanks in advance!

PlayMaker Help / Inventory System Help (advanced)
« on: July 31, 2013, 12:52:18 AM »
Hi! I am making inventory for our game and using Playmaker for that purpose. I already followed that example of JeanFabre and it's great way to create inventory system, I am using something similar, however when more items are in inventory, over 10 in my case it begins to lag, I guess it's because system need to check for every item in inventory kill existing ones and recreate items with new indexes. Hash tables are great, I managed to set items, items preview image, check for item type and to add different options to certain items (equip, use, drop...) So I have most things in place except for getting multiple string variable on the event because I want to add explanation of items when you mouse over them in inventory, not just image and I already requested action for that in Action request section.
I will study this more and will try to find solution and to reduce lag, if anyone have any idea for this approach I will be grateful.

Hi all! I am making a 3D game, huge one and I need some help here. Everything in game is done with Playmaker so I am well familiar with it and I can say it's best tool on the Asset store I purchased. Currently I am working on inventory and I am doing fine out there but need help with some action, when I use SET EVENT DATA and GET EVENT INFO everything is fine but what if I need multiple string variables of the same object for example I need item name, item explanation and maybe some other things so I tried to edit and create new action in order to add multiple data of the same variable but it didn't go very well. Here is the action and what I tried to change:

using UnityEngine;

namespace HutongGames.PlayMaker.Actions
   [Tooltip("Gets info of multiple variables on the last event that caused a state change. See also Set Event Data action.")]
   public class GetMultipleEventInfo : FsmStateAction
      public FsmGameObject sentByGameObject;
      public FsmString fsmName;
      public FsmBool getBoolData;
      public FsmInt getIntData;
      public FsmFloat getFloatData;
      public FsmVector2 getVector2Data;
      public FsmVector3 getVector3Data;
      public FsmString getStringData;
      public FsmString getStringData2;
      public FsmGameObject getGameObjectData;
      public FsmRect getRectData;
      public FsmQuaternion getQuaternionData;
      public FsmMaterial getMaterialData;
      public FsmTexture getTextureData;
      public FsmColor getColorData;
      public FsmObject getObjectData;

      public override void Reset()
         sentByGameObject = null;
         fsmName = null;
         getBoolData = null;
         getIntData = null;
         getFloatData = null;
         getVector2Data = null;
         getVector3Data = null;
         getStringData = null;
         getStringData2 = null;
         getGameObjectData = null;
         getRectData = null;
         getQuaternionData = null;
         getMaterialData = null;
         getTextureData = null;
         getColorData = null;
         getObjectData = null;

      public override void OnEnter()
         if (Fsm.EventData.SentByFsm != null)
            sentByGameObject.Value = Fsm.EventData.SentByFsm.GameObject;
            fsmName.Value = Fsm.EventData.SentByFsm.Name;
            sentByGameObject.Value = null;
            fsmName.Value = "";
         getBoolData.Value = Fsm.EventData.BoolData;
         getIntData.Value = Fsm.EventData.IntData;
         getFloatData.Value = Fsm.EventData.FloatData;
         getVector2Data.Value = Fsm.EventData.Vector2Data;
         getVector3Data.Value = Fsm.EventData.Vector3Data;
         getStringData.Value = Fsm.EventData.StringData;
         getStringData2.Value = Fsm.EventData.StringData2;
         getGameObjectData.Value = Fsm.EventData.GameObjectData;
         getRectData.Value = Fsm.EventData.RectData;
         getQuaternionData.Value = Fsm.EventData.QuaternionData;
         getMaterialData.Value = Fsm.EventData.MaterialData;
         getTextureData.Value = Fsm.EventData.TextureData;
         getColorData.Value = Fsm.EventData.ColorData;
         getObjectData.Value = Fsm.EventData.ObjectData;

But that doesn't seem to work cause I get error Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/GetMultipleEventInfo.cs(81,62): error CS1061: Type `HutongGames.PlayMaker.FsmEventData' does not contain a definition for `StringData2' and no extension method `StringData2' of type `HutongGames.PlayMaker.FsmEventData' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

So can you provide me those two action for set event and get event for multiple variable, and to create option to define how much string or any other variables we want to define>?
I think that action would be pretty useful to anyone who use hash tables.

Thanks anyway!

PlayMaker Help / Mouse Trails[SOLVED]
« on: January 19, 2013, 01:35:16 PM »
Hi Playmaker team! I need some help about Playmaker, i just can't make Mouse trails. Working on some game where i need to leave mouse trails when press left click. I tried to use FSM on main camera, get mouse button, store it as global/mouse location, use mouse pick event which leads to create game object on clicked place, when releasing mouse button object disappear which is what i want. But there is problem, i put set position/vector/mouse location on created object so the object follows my clicks and it stops following when i hold mouse button, i want it to follow all the time when is clicked. Can you guide me through this, or create fsm on some object for me where i can see how it is done.

Is there any way to create something like Ninja Fruit trails, i am aiming to that type of trail, so when you hit object with trail it will send event (particle effect, destroy object etc..)

Here is the example what i did on attached image.


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