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I have "1" gameobject contains 'UI Button On Click event' to trigger 'send event' action.

When the button is clicked, it sends event to "2" gameobject.

The "2"gameobject has 'Get Event info' but it receives 'Sent by Gameobject' variable as the Button gameobject which originally triggered the event above. It should receive "1" gameobject instead of the Button!

It seems quite a serious bug for me. Because it works properly with 'UGUI on button click event'! It only occurs with UI Button On Click Event.

I have attached images to explain the situation more.

Thank you.

2019.3's new enter playmode fast mode(experimental yet) is incredible.

But it seems playmaker is not correctly working yet when I disable Domain reload?

Every Fsm stays on first state.(I can forced to move next state by clicking alt clicking finish event tho. It is not we want to be)

Any future playmaker update plan for this? or am I doing wrong?
:) thank you.

PlayMaker Help / Nintendo Switch Playmaker Ui button?
« on: February 10, 2020, 06:30:06 PM »
Hello Im currently devloping a game using Unity 2018.4.15LTS. with playmaker 1.9.0 p19

Android, IOS works fine with touch buttons(UI button on click event) but

When I build to EDEV(Nintendo Switch Dev kit), touchscreen seems not working at all... any idea what im doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

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