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I have a character in the main menu which I want to rotate horizontally (around its Y axis). So I used Mouse Look action which worked good but had a couple of problems which I can’t seem to solve:

1. When I touch and drag the mouse/finger on screen to rotate the character the rotation always resets to 0. How can I fix that?

2. How do I make so that only the portion if the screen is reacting to touch and drag to rotate my character? Cos currently I can touch and rotate it from any part of the screen.

Any help and advice will be very much appreciated! Please help!

PlayMaker Help / How to send 3D gameobject to 2D UI location on screen??
« on: October 10, 2019, 11:05:53 AM »

I need to send coins which my player is collecting to a specific UI location where my Coin Meter is. Currently I kind of made a workaround - I'm sending coins to the hidden gameobject which is roughly aligned to a position of UI Coin meter element. But it's wrong of course - the minute I have different resolution or different aspect ratio those positions get screwed..

Which actions you would recommend for converting worldspace coords to screenspace, and how would you recommend to do that? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi, how do I quickly but consequently trigger long lasting events on multiple items in my Array List? Events that last, let's say, for 3 seconds each - but triggering those Events with tiny 0.1f delay?

For example, I have 20 Coins in my Array list, and I want to trigger a Global Event (move the Coin towards CoinMeter on HUD) which takes 3 seconds for each Coin.

If I will loop through the whole list storing the next item in the Array as GameObject in Result field, having triggered these long lasting event on each of the Coin in my Array - it will just loop through the list super quickly - triggering events that are supposed to last for 3 seconds. But since the looping is happening fast and GameObjects are switching quickly - it just cannot finish those long taking events on each Coin.

Of course, waiting till each Coin is reaching its final destination is not an option as it would take ages to send 20 or more coins to CoinsMeter. So basically what I’m trying to achieve is - nice chain of coins slowly traveling to Coin Meter in the air. How should I implement it? Please help, I'm really cracking my head over this for a few days already! Thanks a lot!

PlayMaker Help / Problem with Array Get Next looping
« on: July 19, 2019, 11:35:51 AM »
Problem with Array Get Next looping

been cracking my head for a few days with this already. Here's the deal. I have two Boxes standing very close to each other. With each collision I'm placing them to Array, and with each loop event, storing them in CurrentCollider gameobject Variable in Array Get Next action. Each of these Boxes have FSM with Spawn Random Powerup Global Event trigger which does the following:

1) Spawning PowerUp prefab taking it from the PowerUp Pool
2) Parenting it to Player Character
3) Playing some simple scale bounce animation on PowerUp
4) Quickly moving PowerUp towards Player Character
5) UNparenting PowerUp prefab from Player character
6) Deactivating PowerUp Prefab and putting it back to the Pool

The problem is when I'm calling this SpawnRandomPowerup on the first Box_01, doing a loop in Array Get Next and calling SpawnRandomPowerup on the newly added and stored Box_02, all activity on Box_01 is being freezed on Step 3, resulting in Powerup just floating forever above my Player Character and what's even worse - staying parented to it not being able to return to a Pool.

How should I set everything up so that both Boxes play their respective FSMs independently? Please help!

PlayMaker Help / Pooler cant put back to pool Parented objects
« on: July 18, 2019, 09:52:47 PM »
I'm using great Pooler from Jeanfabre, but I'm experiencing some weird things, so I will probably address my question to him:

I'm Spawning a few Pooled objects from the Pool and parenting them at runtime to my Player, the problem is when I'm trying to do Pooler Destroy Stored, it can't get those pooled child objects back from the Parent to put them back to pool as non parented pooled objects. So one or a few just stay parented forever. Is there a way to fix that or am I missing something? Thanks!


I need to make objects my Player collides with - stored as object variables which I can do by enabling Store Collider checkbox in Trigger Event action. But the problem is If Player collides with Object A and Object B which are right next to each other, Object A is stored as collider only for a second until Player collides with Object B leaving Object A inaccessible. And if I want to Send Event to both objects initiating some FSMs that are on both Objects - only the last one is affected of course. How can I make stored colliders to be named and stored under unique name variables? Thanks!


Please look at this Coins Meter in the upper left corner, do you think they're using actual rotating 3d Coin object or it's just animated sprite that gets tweened to that Coins Meter location?!

With my game, I'm aiming for mobile platforms, what would be the best for performance - using actual rotating 3d coin object Moved Towards that Coin Meter location or animated sprite (containing sequence of PNGs)?


PlayMaker Help / Screen Space to World Space, how?
« on: July 10, 2019, 06:02:01 AM »
Hi, I'm trying some simple thing but can't get it working.

I want simple UI text (screen space) to appear exactly where my 3D Sphere in the scene is (world space).

I tried transferring my 3D sphere's Position to the UI text's Position with World to Screen Point action, but the screen jumps elsewhere not even close to where my 3D Sphere is.


In my game Player collects Coins (3D gameObjects) and Scores (TextMesh Pro text). So in order to better visualize for players what goes where, I would like to make Score Values and Coins  to be Moved towards corresponding places in the game's HUD. How should I approach this kind of task?

Will "Move Towards" action with corresponding UI element in "Target Object" field solve it? Thanks in advance!

PlayMaker Help / How to make a quick counting to a certain number?
« on: June 21, 2019, 04:42:13 AM »

how do I make a quick counting to a certain number on a text gameobject? For example I would like to have Final Score numbers which Player has earned, to appear with this quick building up counting effect and not just appearing and staying there static. Is it possible? Thanks!

Hey guys,

how do I force replaying all of the components/scripts that are on the gameobject when object is ReActivated after being DeActivated by the action?

I have a few objects in a scene that I just Activate and Deactivate from time to time, and each time they're getting ReActivated - I want them to perform everything they do when I'm entering Runtime. Is it possible?

I have a pool of 10 objects (text prefabs) which I want to be able to activate one by one on each collision with Player.

So obviously I will have a pool of 10 instantiated at the start, but deactivated objects waiting to be activated on collision with player. But then how would I:

1. Activate them one by one without activating all 10 at once?

2. Activate only deactivated ones?

Please help!

Hi, I'm developing a game for mobile platforms and since I have particles being created by Create Object action each time Player collides with Coins - I wanted ask if it really instantiates them which I heard to be a "no no" for mobile platforms? If it is, what would be the workaround then? Thanks!

PlayMaker Help / How to make Floating Scores? [SOLVED]
« on: June 12, 2019, 07:31:12 PM »
Guys, please help!

I want to create a popping up score numbers like they have it in Angry Birds for example. What would be the right workflow for that kind of task?

As I imagine it - my Coin gets collided with Player, which triggers 2D event: Creates a text "100 POINTS" at the origin of that Coin and at the Size. And then score number disappears. So, very simple thing.

I already have UI Camera with Canvas inside of it. So should I create my text there? Or should I create an empty object with text component added to it? Or is there an action which would create any text for me wherever I want? Sorry if it sounds stupid.. I just really need some heads up.

PlayMaker Help / How to make Score Number fading popup (as text)
« on: June 10, 2019, 08:31:50 PM »

I have a few destroyable objects in my game for crashing which, player gets some certain amount of score points. But I would also like to show it visually. So I was wondering what's the correct approach for making score amount (as text) popping up vertically and fading out slowly (or scaling from 100% to 0)

Should I create text inside Canvas group and then reference it from there in my FSM or any other ways around? Thanks!

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