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I´ve looked at the new input system that came with Unity 2019 I think,
are there any actions to bind the controls ingame with the new system using PlayMaker?

I´m trying to create joints for my car´s frame that get progressively more bouncy as the frame takes damage.
I´m using Configurable Joints, I´ve experimented with setting Angular X & YZ drive properties, which works, but I cannot change their properties in the game.
Any advice how to do this?  :(

Work In Progress... / Thrash Racer - Banger racing / life sim
« on: April 15, 2020, 09:52:17 AM »
Hello, this is an early prototype of the racing game I´m working on, and the start of my feature video series. I moved this topic to the proper section  :)

I´m working on a site for the game with more details on the features, but I´ll just copypaste some from the video description here;

Test Drive Eve Of Destruction/Driven To Destruction meets My Summer Car in this banger racing/destruction derby/life simulator/car building and thrashing game set up in 80´s UK.


This is my racing game project that I´m working on. You can buy used cars from a scrapyard and repair them to work enough for banger racing.
Then travel to the race track and hope it makes it through the race weekend, and either scrap what´s left or use it as parts donor for your next race car.
You can also do side jobs to earn extra money, like work a car crusher at the scrapyard.
Compete in championships for different types of vehicles, and extra side events during the race weekends.
Everything on the cars is destructible, frames bend, every part can fall off down to just a driver seat (which can also fall off), liquids leak and soak the road, mechanical parts wear and give up.
You are always in control of your character, can walk around, work on your car and under it, and climb aboard behind the steering wheel, operate buttons and seatbelts in 1st person (+ some extra outside camera modes when driving). If you happen to break or roll your car during a race, you need to crawl out and run behind the safety fence.
Also, try to avoid getting hit doing that because you are also destructible, and can end up hospitalized or dead.

Driving model is aimed at realism, with support for FFB racing wheels and H-shifters, but it´s also fully playable with a keyboard with some driving helpers.
This is an early prototype, I´ve been mostly working on the AI system and the racing itself so far, it´s missing things like any graphics at all and proper sounds.

The AI is driving amongst themselves here, this took some time to get working but I think it´s getting there. Also, their aggression has been turned down on this video, so they are not yet crashing on purpose :D
Here´s a picture of the AI "brain"

You can follow the progress of this game on Twitter too now;

PlayMaker Help / How to access properties of procedural materials
« on: November 06, 2019, 05:58:12 AM »
I´ve been experimenting with procedural materials/substances, but I cannot understand how to alter the sliders with PlayMaker in runtime.
Is it even possible?

Action Requests / More options for creating new Joints?
« on: September 22, 2019, 05:30:47 AM »
I'd need to set up some more options when creating a new Configurable Joint.

I cannot set Linear/Angular Limits or Drive properties for the Axises.

I could do better physics for my joint-based car damage system this way :/
Also, other Joints, like Hinge Joint and Character Joints were missing some options too I think

PlayMaker Help / How to get another object's speed for a gameobject?
« on: April 08, 2018, 10:47:54 AM »
I'm making a racing game, and I would need a car to get the relative speed of another car in front of it, to determine if it should keep drafting behind it or overtake/avoid slower or stationary cars.

I tried this with a raycast from the front of the car and storing the hit object, but I only get 0m/s from that.

Can anyone help how to properly do this?

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