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User Showcase / Damian Poker Guide
« on: November 21, 2012, 02:13:44 PM »
I have done all part of this with Playmaker. Only the particle effect is not from Playmaker.

Want to learn more about poker? Then Damian Poker Guide is for you!

I've written a lot about poker and done some poker guides. In Damian Poker Guide app I have collected all at one place. You can still buy all the other parts in the Google play store if you only want one of them. I've played poker most of my life and I still think its very fun to play poker. I like to try different strategies and see how they work. So everything in this guide, I have tested thoroughly and the strategies work for me. After you've read through everything, you will also create your own style of playing poker.
There is no book in the world ​​that can replace your experience and show you exactly how you should play, but they can help you out and make you a better player. Poker is a game of skill, but there is some luck in it too. Your experience and skills will increase and so the luck moment in poker will be far less, your skill will take over. This means that you will win in the long run when you are playing with skill and not just rely on you luck. It is this that separates you from the bad poker players .
In Damian Poker Guide you will get all this parts:
- Texas holdém poker basic
- Texas holdém poker advanced
- Texas holdém micro stakes poker
- Texas holdém Rush/Zoom poker
- Texas holdém starting hands
- Texas holdém Outs
- Texas holdém poker lingo

Please send any questions you have or any suggestions to me.

Pre-release Discussion / Translate playmaker
« on: November 19, 2012, 06:09:45 AM »
Me and some other do translate Playmaker to other language.
We are facing some issues. ::)
The problem we have is that some words that I feel never should be translated.
So far I can see those words bellow never should be translated.
Feel free to suggest more words you feel should always be on English.

-- GameObject
-- FSM
-- Gizmo
-- Float
-- Int
-- Vector3 Vector2
-- Child
-- Frame ?
-- Log ?
-- Template ?
-- Assets  ( the project's folder) ?

PlayMaker Help / Moving platform[SOLVED]
« on: September 23, 2012, 02:52:44 PM »
I use ITween with Playmaker to move a platform.
That works great, but when I jump up on it with the player I got one problem that I do not know how to solve in a good way.
The player do not follow the platform. He falling down.
So how do I fix this???

PlayMaker Help / Simple AI for platforms
« on: September 21, 2012, 07:55:38 AM »
I have looked around for a AI for my new game, but I do not find what I do seek. Most AI is for 3D games.

What I try to do is some basic stuff to start with.
The enemy( where the AI is) shall be working on there own.

They shall patrol an area and turn around if the way is blocked.
This way I can put the enemy easy in different areas without any problem and be sure they will patrol an area all the time.

The next this is that I want them ontop on a platform. This has no block on the end of the area so the enemy(AI) must stop att the edge of the platform and turn around again.

I guess I must use raycast to do this.

I big problem is that I never done any AI with playmaker before and I have no clue where to start with it.
I would also prefer only to use Playmaker for this. For my goal is to use playmaker as much I can to make this game. To build the "level" i use a tile mapper system, but thats all I want to use beside Playmaker.

I hope some can help out and I also sure that this "guide" will be very useful for others to. .-)

Android Help / Touch scroll
« on: August 25, 2012, 01:34:32 PM »
I kind of doing a new app and only want to use playmaker.
The problem I do have right now is that I have a FSM that use GUILayout scroll view.
In the view I have some text, but it is to much to fit the screen, but thats okey.
Right now I can scroll the text if I press the scrollbar and move it. It is also okey.
But if I touch the screen I can not scroll the text.
It would be nice to know how I can make that work.

So how do I do this??

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / isApplicationGenuine
« on: February 20, 2012, 06:35:25 PM »

In unity3D 3.5 they have at last changed the genuine stuff for mobile phones.
So the action is wrong now so it should be changed.

Here is the error message I do get.
Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/isApplicationGenuine.cs(48,49): warning CS0618: `UnityEngine.iPhoneUtils.isApplicationGenuine' is obsolete: `isApplicationGenuine property is deprecated. Please use Application.genuine instead.'

PlayMaker Help / GUI text scroll
« on: February 14, 2012, 10:21:10 AM »
I try to figure out how to do this thing.
What I want to do is following.

I want to have a button and when I press it a GUItext shall fill the screen.
The GUItext will have a bigger text then the screen so it must have a scroll sidebar.

I hope I can use only playmaker for this. It would then be easy to copy it on every place I need it.

PlayMaker Help / Sphere
« on: August 15, 2011, 03:41:38 PM »
Well i try to do a new thing and as always i get stuck on things. lol

This is what I want to do.

Press a button to build up a variable(speed/force).
When I release the button the Sphere shall move forward with this speed/force and stop when the physics do force it to stop. If the angle is not zero then it can roll back.

The gui button part is no problem. That part is easy now.
But how do I get the sphere to start rolling with a start speed?
Do I need to have a target it can go to?
i guess I can create an empty object infront of the object that it can focus on.
Right now this is the main thing in this new game, so I need to get it solved. ::)

PlayMaker Help / stat
« on: August 11, 2011, 09:10:50 PM »
Well im start writing a new game.
This game will use Playmaker alot .-)

First thing I will do is the AI.
But i did just think about one thing.

Every object in the game shall have some stat.
Those stat will later be looked at with the AI.
The AI will do different stuff depending on what stat the object has.

So how do setup the stat the best way with Playmaker?

User Showcase / Permaximum Betty
« on: August 07, 2011, 05:13:08 AM »
Well this is my new game I have been working on.

A very fun and game you can play for a long time.
Betty is in great danger.
She stands by a huge stone wall.
Behind her, everything is burning to the ground.
The only way out for Betty is up to something that looks like
small platforms that someone has built and left behind.
The fire gets closer, so it's time to lead Betty up and away from the fire.
Beware so Betty do not fall from a platform.
It's a long way down ...
Permaximum Betty is a platform game, based on that you'll try
to climb up as far as you can, by jumping from platform to another platform.
You get points for every platform you can manage to jump to.
These points are collected and stored in a highscore list.
The last 10 highest scores are always saved.
The goal for you is obviously to get as high in the game as possible
and collect points for beating your own record.

You control Betty by clicking on the arrows.
If you hold down an arrow Betty will continue to go to
same direction until Betty could not go any further.
To jump between platforms, it is important that you
have the timing right.
Distances vary, and for the really big distances, it is
very important that you really concentrate and be at the edge of the platform to
to jump to another platform.
If you miss then Betty will fall into a certain death.

I did use playmaker for this things.
Intro screen; fadeout, fadein and loadlevel.
Menu: All buttons is Playmaker GUI button. They do load the highscrore scene, load the game. and exit the game. All is driven by FSM. Also the background is an FSM.
Highscore: Only buttons is driven by FSM. I did not find a way to read an array in playmaker and show it on the screen.
The Game. The menu/pause button is driven by FSM. The menu just quits the main game and load back the menu.
If push Pause just freeze the game and next time you push the button it will start the game again.
The control left and right for Betty is also FSM driven. This was my first thing I did, with help from people here.
The controller do work both on the android phone and on windows.

I know it would take me alot more time to do all thing in real code.
Some things is still very easy in real code, but i guess that will change as soon there is more actions in playmaker.
But the character controller for left/right movement is a very hard thing to do in unit3D, but not with playmaker.
The trues is that all touchscreen actions in Playmaker just work and its so fast to get them to work like you want.
Its a pain in the ass to get those things to work in real code.
Often they will be slow or has issues.
With playmaker it just works. Thats awsome and only that is worth $100 if you develop on Android.

And here is the game:

And here is a youtube video when I play some of it.

PlayMaker Help / Pause button.
« on: August 06, 2011, 10:20:18 AM »
Well I got a new little problem
Like all know by now im change all my code that I had under GUI buttons to playmakers Gui Button.
The problem I have now is with this code:

Code: [Select]
if (UnityEngine.GUI.Button (Rect (Screen.width / 2 - -125,20,55,25), "Pause"))
if (Time.timeScale == 1.0)
        Time.timeScale = 0.0;           
        Time.timeScale = 1.0;

What it does is when I press the button it will check if the game is paused or not.
Works without problem, but its Unity3d gui button the code is on and that dont work good..
So I need an FSM that do this.
I did try to make one but every time I set the timeScale to 0 then the state also freeze.
So basically the FSM is also halted.
But it should only be the game that is halted, not the GUI.
It does work without any problem that way with Unity3D, but not with a FSM.
So how do I get this to work?
Or is it an other way to pause the game?


PlayMaker Help / Exit
« on: August 06, 2011, 03:57:35 AM »
Well sometime the users want to exit the game :o
So I need to make a button for that to.
In normal code its not a problem to do it, but with playmaker I dont find anything that do work.
If I use unity3D code I can use this for a button:
Code: [Select]

But I cant find this action anywhere.

General Discussion / mad
« on: August 05, 2011, 05:34:49 AM »
Well i have found a bug.
The problem is that I really dont know ware or way.

The bug is like this.
When i compile the game and use "development build" it run just fine.
no error at all.
When i untick "development build" the whole game become very unstable and crash all the time
in the menus.
The other games i made that dont have playmaker just compile fine and they are no problem to run.
Also I do use ungui and that kind in this new game.
But its working just great in development build.

Have any had this kind of strange errors?
I really cant figure it out.
First I did think it was for the genuine check i did in the menu, but its not.
if I remove the code it still the same.
The only thing i know it crash when I use ongui button to start the game or show the highscore.
But why does it only happens when I do a real build?
Im not 100% sure its playmaker, but it seems like that right now.
I need to make a test project to see if i can get any information about this. :(

Action Requests / Array, playerpref.Genuine check.
« on: August 04, 2011, 11:13:09 AM »
Well i have some action I would see. I guess i can find alot more along the time.
I have no clue how to do action script, so I just ask here about those i know just now.

1. Android/iphone you need to check if your app is genuine or not to be able to hinder people that has not genuine copy to use it. Its a big problem and there is better way then this..

But what i want this action to to is:
isApplicationGenuineAvailable  = true/false
If isApplicationGenuineAvailable is true then it shall check  isApplicationGenuine = true/false.
   If isApplicationGenuine is false then you shall move it to an event,  like loading a new scene with a warning and then quit the game.
   If isApplicationGenuine is true it can also use an event to load the game or the level you want.
If isApplicationGenuineAvailable is false then you cant check isApplicationGenuine so you shall
 go to an other event so the user can continue to use the program.

I can do this very easy in java script, but right now it would be better to have it in FSM.
Both my intro and load screens is driven with only FSM, so it would be perfect for that.

2 and 3. Load an array and sort it if you want. The array can be one object in every post or more in every post.
This is very useful for highscore.
An example.
You have 10 post in playerpref.
Every post has a name and a score.
You load those 10 post into an array.
You also get one new score and name for the player that just played the game.
You add that to the array and sort it.
Then you remove the last one.
Save back the array to playerpref.
Now you got a new highscore list.

But you can use an array to many things. like reading from database...
You could also send this array to the screen to show the data.
If its a highscore list then you have a super smart highscore system.

Those can be done in normal code, but if it was possibly to use FSM for those to then playmaker would be awesome for that to and I guess many mobile developer would be very happy.

Android Help / Android LVL
« on: August 04, 2011, 08:36:56 AM »
Well time to finish the game. So far i have not bother so much about this, but I guess I need to.
Its no problem for me to sign the app and that kind.
What i did find out that Unity3D dont do any automatic check on the license.
So it would be very good if I could use a FSM for this so I could just set it up and use it on all places I need.

This code should work with android( have not checked it yet)

Code: [Select]
function Start(){
   //Put this code where you want your game to check for the crack and do something
   //Like in your main menu
var shameOnYouPicture : GUITexture;   //use a picture with a written message that shames the cracker :P
    shameOnYouPicture.enabled = false;

   if (iPhoneUtils.isApplicationGenuine == false){
     shameOnYouPicture.enabled = true;
     StopEverything();  // a custom method for examples that handles stopping the game;

So how should I do this with playmaker?
Maybe we need an action for this, but I have no clue how to fix it.
But I guess this is one problem for all that develop on android and want to sell the stuff on the market.
So it should be a very good action script for playmaker.
Like checking if its genuine.
If its not then show a "bad" picture and then exit the program.
Can it be done???

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