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I have 4 game objects, id like to turn collision on and off for; during playtime. Is there any way i can do this with the playmaker actions?

Im pretty sure i can do it with layers, but i need the ability to do so during playtime.

PlayMaker Help / Play Random Sound through Audiomixer
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:36:46 AM »

I have a quick question that I been googling around for an answer without success. I have all my background music run through a audiomixer that works perfectly.

Now I would like all my sound effects to do the same. I have a character that swings a sword. Right now I use the action "Play Random Sound" to randomize between 3 different swing sound effects. I can't found anywhere to choose that they would be played through a audio mixer.

Is there a way to "play sound through audio mixer" or something like that?

(Or maybe I have misunderstood the whole thing of how audio mixers work)

Thanks a bunch!

I have a gui of a coin, that id like to move towards the stat bar, how can i do that? Ive got the position of the coin already sorted, just need to move it gradually

I dragged the cinemachine virtual camera into an FSM, and clicked get properties.

What id like to modify is the "Body - Follow offset" variables, in the Cinemachine script in the inspector. were are these in the get properties menu?? Im not able to use the Cinemachine package from the Ecosystem, and these settings are just about everything i will need to finish the game. It would be amazing and very appreciated if someone could tell me the "X, Y Z" "Follow offset" property names. - Picture

PlayMaker Help / How to change the Camera viewpoint rect with playmaker?
« on: February 16, 2019, 04:23:11 AM »
Im setting up splitscreen for this game im making with up to four cameras. But i want the size of the individual camera windows on screen to change depending on how many pepole are joinint in on the game. How can i modify the viewpoint rect with playmaker?

Having big problems downloading the Cinemachine 2018 extension for Playmaker, Playmaker stops working, and disappear when i restart unity. Can there be made some kind of support for this?

Unity version: 2018.2.16f1
Im using a free version as playmaker as a student, and downloaded it from the playmaker site "‎10 ‎October ‎2018, ‏‎14:03:53"

The error codes im getting are:
and thats it.

I went from 0 to 25 errors after downloading the Cinemachine Package Playmaker no longer shows up after restart, and Cinemachine is missing before restarting

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