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PlayMaker Help / Scripts Don't Work In Build
« on: April 06, 2021, 02:54:39 PM »
Hello! The problem is that certain Playmaker scripts attached to objects in prefabs work perfectly in editor but do not work in build.

Worth mentioning:

• I found a weird solution. Right before my first scene, the menu, loaded, I added another scene which is almost empty. The game stays on this scene for a few seconds and then goes on. That solves the problem, however when I create more prefabs using Playmaker scripts, some of them stop working again. The problem solves by increasing waiting time on this empty scene. Of course, it's kinda ineffective since this waiting is already quite long.

• The issue occured a few months ago and since then I tried updating Playmaker for no avail.

• Unity version: 2019.2.17f1; Playmaker version: 1.9.1 p4. Build made for Windows.

It would be cool if someone could suggest a solution.
Thank you in advance!

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