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Unity Services / Playmaker/Unity Ads problem
« on: May 11, 2021, 07:12:37 PM »
Hello, i've watched your Youtube tutorial on how to set up Playmaker and Unity ads, but i am having a real hard time trying to get the Unity ads to show using: "Unity Ads Show Add" action.
  Note: i am not a programmer but i managed to find a C sharp script online, i downloaded and used it in the same project am working-on, just to make sure i have everything set up properly; and it worked! Unity ads show up as expected. Only problem with this is that i don't know to reward my player since all my project is based upon Playmaker FSM's.
please answer me is that tutorial on your channel still viable?
am i missing something?
what should i do?
using Playmaker 1.9.1 P5. Unity 2019.4.16 f1 LTS

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