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Work In Progress... / [Timeline] Playmaker Linear Editor
« on: July 29, 2014, 01:23:31 PM »
Hello fellow Playmaker users.

If you are looking for a timeline for playmaker, look no more.
An open beta of my work is available here:

The editor is free to use. Beeing a beta, do not use it for sensitive work. Features and Bug reports greatly appreciated, use the bug report in the menubar.


PlayMaker Help / [Resolved] How to retreive Fsm Errors ?
« on: May 31, 2013, 11:25:25 AM »

I want to retrive the errors for a selected Fsm, just as the "Error Check" window does.

Problem is that I have absolutely no clue where does that list live.

List<ActionReport> errorL = ActionReport.ActionReportList;
List<FsmLogEntry> errorList = FsmLog.GetLog(this.Fsm).Entries;

Any clues ? -> 'Error Check' window

PlayMaker Help / FsmBuilder: How do I create a new Fsm ?
« on: May 02, 2013, 12:23:06 PM »
I am building an alternative View for Playmaker.
For this purpose I need to create a Fsm manually. However, after several trials, i failed since the Fsm constructor doesn't init all the necessary data.

In order to find an alternative, I use the FsmBuilder.AddFsmToSelected();
But that magic method gives me a hard time. If I use it, Fsm get initialized, however should i not use it and add the component myself, it does not work anymore.
So first question would be what extra calls "FsmBuilder.AddFsmToSelected" does that an Addcomponent doesn't ?
And also, how do I Create a Fsm manually ?

Code used:
public class myFSM: PlayMakerFSM

In some code{
        GameObject go = Selection.activeGameObject;
// comment next 3 lines and B does not get properly init.
        PlayMakerFSM A = FsmEditorUtility.FindFsmComponentOnGameObject(go);
        if (A.Fsm == null) Debug.Log("done by AddFsmToSelected");

        myFSM C = go.AddComponent<myFSM>();
        if (C.Fsm == null) Debug.Log("empty fsm when done by AddComponent myFSM");

Many thanks.

It looks like the PlayMakerFSM() doesn't initialise the PlayMakerFSM.Fsm.
Is this Intended ?
Is the PlayMakerFSM.Fsm readOnly also intended ? Could it be made writable ?

code used to guess this:
public class A : PlayMakerFSM
    public A()
        if (this.Fsm == null) Debug.Log("fsm not yet init");

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