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I've finally figured out the fix for something that's been a problem for my game for months and I thought I'd share it.

TL;DR Use a Collision Event Action and hit the Use Variable button to change it to None to avoid having to choose a tag.

FSMs that use the COLLISION ENTER event were not firing in the builds but working fine in the Editor. I wasn't using the Collision Event action because I thought you had to choose a Tag (that's the whole reason it exists pretty much) and I wanted objects with different tags to fire off a collision.

I narrowed it down to prefabs that were being instantiated being the problem. When I tested using the Collision Event action I discovered that clicking on the Use Variable button next to the Tag name changed it to None. So I now had a collision action that wasn't tag dependant. And now my collisions work in the build.

Hopefull this will help someone out there with a similar problem. Why Collision Enter events aren't working in my builds is a question I can't answer but they certainly used to in older versions of Unity and Playmaker.

PlayMaker Help / Get Mouse Button Down keeps firing
« on: December 14, 2015, 08:28:46 PM »

I've just updated to Playmaker (thanks) and am running Unity 5.2.1f1 Personal.

Upon restarting my project I now find that left clicking my mouse button fires off Get Mouse Button Down (GMBD) in states that appear after the initial use of GMBD. So a state needs GMBD to progress, I left click and it fires its event, moves to the next state,  that finishes and moves to the next state which should stop and wait for GMBD to be fired again. However it acts like I've held the mouse button down and fires off anyway. It does this no matter how lightly I tap the mouse button. The event being fired off is custom and not FINISHED. This behaviour has only appeared with the latest update. I can fix it with a Wait I guess but I'd rather it worked properly.

Are you able to look into this please?


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