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I have worked as a creative artist for many years but new to the development side of things.
I have had multiple problems with unity crashing to the point I can't use the project.
I don't have any coding experience which is why I picked Playmaker.

I had a the project crash when selecting objects, I fixed that one by creating a new and copying everything over.
I then had the project crash after adding the mecanim actions.  Well crash is the wrong way of describing it. Playmaker was removed and I couldn't add it again. The only way I could get the project working was to copy the libraries across but on close the would get removed????

Again creating a new project and copying things over appeared to fix it. But when playing with mecanim crashes the project, Unity editor has stopped working.

I have transferred the project to another computer as I work on a surface pro and wanted to make sure that wasn't the problem but it still crashes.

This may be an experience thing, it may not be playmakers fault and worst still I'm probably expecting you guys to offer a solution to a needle in a hey stack problem but felt the need to post somewhere.

Any help would be great.

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