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hey all,

so lets get straight to the point. im trying to make RTS.

i used mouse pick 2d action, to get position of mouse, and then i convert that to world position, and then i create building at that position, when i press mouse down button. that worked just fine.

so now i created action bar in bottom of the screen, few uGui buttons to select different types of buildings.

this scenario works fine:
  • user clicks on first button, to select building
  • user then clicks somewhere on screen where he wants that building
  • building gets placed at that location

now problem happens with this scenario:
  • user clicks on first button, to select building
  • user decides he doesnt want to place down that building
  • so, he clicks on second button to select another type of building
  • button is pressed, BUT ALSO, building that he firstly selected with button 1, gets placed underneath button 2 because that is where user just clicked

now problem is obviously in step #4, because "mouse pick 2d" action just ignores UI completely, it basically cant see that there is a button being clicked, its raycast just collides with ground, not with UI.

so i need a way for mouse pick 2d action to see that im clicking on UI button, and at that point mouse pick 2d action should not do anything, it shouldnt spawn building, it should just terminate. but right now it is as UI is completely invisible to mouse pick 2d action.

im in a bit of a pickle.

im starting video tutorial series about top down 2d shooter, but im having problem with shooting part.

for moving im using "get axis vector" which i then convert into vector2 and "set velocity 2d".

and then i use this vector2, and using it for shooting.

shooting is done with raycasts. i use raycast 2d, and for direction, i use "vector2".

everything works great and i can shoot when i am moving.
but when i am not moving, vector2 gets set to 0,0.  so obviously raycast direction then is 0,0 and that is a problem since it doesnt send raycast to any direction.

so how can i set raycast2d into direction where player was going before he stopped.

i tried setting vector2 variable, into another vector2 variable...
i also tried using vector2 compare, to compare when vector2 is 0,0 and then do something.

but i just cant figure out... im sure there is some simple way that i am not seeing...

basically vector2 has all of these values: 0,1  1,1   1,0   0,0   -1,0   0,-1  -1,1  1,-1  -1,-1
so yes, player can go into 8 directions, plus 0,0 which is standing still.  like i said, im having problem with standing still....

lets say player was going into direction 1,0  which is to the right.  so vector2 value would be 1,0.
and if player would want to shoot, bullets would go into 1,0 direction. which is to right. but the problem is when player stops, and his vector2 goes to 0,0. but player is still facing right. so if he wants to shoot then, he cant because vector2 is 0,0.
so how can i set vector2 variable back to whatever value it was before it reached value 0,0 ???

Hey all,

i decided to scratch my idea about paid tutorials, but rather focus on free and donation system.

so here is first part of this new tutorial series where we will be resurrecting retro games, one by one, in playmaker :)

starting with tic tac toe.

I am already filming part 2 and i would appreciate if you guys looked at this video, maybe gave me some likes and shares, and feedback on what to improve.

Work In Progress... / WIP -- Beginner Visual Programming Tutorial Series
« on: August 09, 2014, 09:02:20 AM »
Hello everyone!

I'm starting paid visual programming tutorial series for beginners.

There will not be a single line of code written, all will be done with Playmaker. There will be small price for whole tutorial series ($50). This is the first introduction video of the series, and it is free (second one too). (First part will be about 10 videos, all parts together around 50 videos)

This is just introduction video, explaining everything that will be done in first part of series. Whole series will consist of 3-4 parts.

Anyways, i would appreciate if you guys would look at the video, even if you arent interested in this tutorial series, because i would like some constructive feedback.
I dont really have experience in making tutorials, i just like doing it alot. I know that my english could be a bit better, and a few words such as "SO" ruin it a bit, but we got to start somewhere.

Hey all...

so im in the process of creating quite large beginner video tutorial series, few hours atleast. it will not be free however, but it will be affordable. (im thinking something in the range of 50$ right now)

tutorial will explain everything as project continues. so that user learns by doing it. i think that is very important, atleast for me, that is the easiest way to learn.
it will be aimed at total beginners with unity3d aswell as playmaker, but as tutorial progresses, it will get more advanced ofcourse.

selling point of this tutorial will be "Create a functional game with zero lines of code and publish it to androids, for total beginners in unity3D and gamemaking industry. You dreamed of creating games, now you can start taking action!"

first part of tutorial series covers just making normal 3D pong, and very basic AI. basically replicating that famous first pc game that started it all. ofcourse with basic main menu (unity GUI)

second part will be about making Battle Pong. this mode will have powerups. (grow/shrink paddle, fasten/slow ball, invert controls, slow/fasten paddle, reverse ball movement, zig-zag ball)
so this part will cover how to add all these powerups.

third part will be Photon multiplayer integration. user will learn how to add photon to your own project and how it works and how to make multiplayer game with it.
i am still working on that part and fixing all the bugs.

fourth part will cover some other stuff such as 4 player pong, adding multiple balls, making android and iOS builds (actually maybe not iOS builds, since i dont own mac at the moment) and different aspect ratios on phones, and probably some other stuff?

any suggestions or thoughts about this?

do you think i could get discount links to buy playmaker at lower price? lets say 50$ or something like that. that way i could also try and get total beginners to gaming industry, and would probably sell alot more copies if playmaker was a bit more affordable

if i will sell atleast 20 copies of this tutorial, i will start making more tutorial series containing most popular retro games in one series (tetris, breakout, asteroids, snake, etc...)
then i also have in mind tutorial series for new unity GUI, once it comes out ofcourse :)

PlayMaker Help / Photon - Laggy / Jerky Ball movement on Pong game
« on: July 23, 2014, 06:06:38 PM »
hey all...

i made pong game, and now im trying to make it multiplayer with photon. i think i will make tutorial series out of it, and also add it on unity store as completed project... but first i need to solve this problem.

so i've followed demoworker tutorial, and got my pong game up and running with photon, however ball movement is... well not smooth.

i've read alot about it, yes im using Lerp, its basically the same setup as with that demo worker.

i tried reliable delta compressed and unreliable mode.... unreliable seems to work better...
i also tried changing Vector 3 Lerp 2, Amount from 5, to all the way to 30.

pong is a fast game where you need to have exact ball position... so yes, cant have any lag. :/

there is a huge difference in smoothness between server and client versions of the ball.

simple question, but cant find answer...

i could only find float abs action, but thats not exactly it... because i also need positive float values to go into negative float values...

im trying to get rotations per second, for car wheel, and im using Angular Velocity. but when car is going forward, angular velocity is negative, and when car is going backwards, angular velocity is positive, so i need to reverse this float value, to have any use of it...


hey all.

so im making 2d driving game. anyways long story short, im using hinge joint, and setting motor speed for driving forward and backward. right now it is at 1000 for accelerating, so that means, 1000 degrees of rotation per second.
1 full rotation is 360 degrees, so it means that in one second, wheel does almost 3 full rotations.

but then when player lets go of throttle, i return to idle state, where i just disable "use motor" on hinge joint.

so now comes the tricky part. i need to know at which degrees per second does the wheel turn at.  because when player hits throttle again or reverse, wheel rotation needs to start at that value, or else it looks non-natural.

i was fiddling with it for 2 hours now, and couldnt really produce any satisfactory results...

this is what i have now... im using get rotation, and float compare, and then resetting it each second... but i wonder if there is more elegant way of doing this...

my way is not precise way... it doesnt show the same degrees/second as it should be... its always off by 1 rotation, either 1 more, or one less. i need like a really precise method, that will show exact degrees/second
the faster the wheel turns, the more not accurate my method is... so i think i need new approach.

Hey all, so basic question.

How to change Motor Speed for Hinge Joint 2D

under set properties, it wont allow me to change it, theres no option for it... only boolean use motor is there.

Action Requests / Set Child [SOLVED]
« on: June 05, 2014, 10:31:38 AM »
hey all...

so im doing procedurally generated levels, and so i have lots of rooms, and i spawn them 1 by 1, and then i want to add doors to them during runtime and make the room parent of the doors...

so i need to add doors as children of the room.

so can anyone write me this action?

check attachment.  i just need action where you can specify parent, and then specify child that you want to be children of that parent.

PlayMaker Help / Help with procedurally generated rooms
« on: June 04, 2014, 03:43:00 PM »
hey all

so i want to make procedural generated levels. i have a bunch of room prefabs (currently testing with only 3), right now they are all square 10x10 unity units. later on i plan to add different room sizes to this as well.

this is a bit tricky to do, since every room has either 1,2,3,4 doors for now. and they need to be rotated correctly in relation to previous room, so that doors in one room dont meet with wall on the other room.

so far i have found one solution, but i do not think its ideal... basically what i've done is:
i made FSM that has all the possible combinations of room rotations in it.
so for example when room with 1 door is at 90 degree angle, at what angle does room with 2 doors has to be. etc... all possible combinations. check this huge FSM, and it is for only 3 different room types.

  • i save current room name into string variable
  • i randomly pick next room to be spawned, and save its name into another string variable
  • i compare these two strings, and then send it off to proper state that tells it at what rotation must the room be spawned at.
i think there is more elegant and intuitive solution somewhere out there in the universe :)

i was reading this blog:
and here you have some connector types... and this might be good approach too...

i could really use all the help that i can get... since i know that right approach is everything.

right now im only focusing on rotation of spawned rooms, but there is a lot more that needs to be done before this system is complete:

  • i need to incorporate array maker in it, so that it will queue which doors have rooms spawned and which dont
  • i need a system that will fill the doors with solid wall, if it detects that no room can fit in there anymore.

this is how it looks right now:

hey all...

so im making playmaker tutorial series for

and it will be about procedurally generated First Person Shooter... maybe with multiplayer added in the end.

game will be similar to first Wolfenstein 3D, where you had all these rooms. those will be procedurally generated... im working on that feature right now.

and i figured i could use some help, and i much rather work in team, than alone. plus there is nice money to be made i believe... and it is healthy for community.

tutorial series will be quite big... basically everything that FPS has.
  • enemy AI
  • shooting & health mechanics
  • procedural generation
  • maybe multiplayer
  • other stuff: such as, statistics, sounds, GUI

i want this to be go-to tutorial when making FPS with playmaker.

this is what i have right now:

it creates rooms, but i need to add quite a bit of features to it.

do you guys like the idea?

hey all,

so i've recently discovered a site where you can put together video tutorial series, and a price for it and yeh... get paid for teaching others.

so i was thinking of making beginner series for playmaker, from start to finish on how to make some particular game.

after i finish this, and if all goes well, i could do advanced series... anyways, i cant decide about what the game should be... i was thinking of racing game (because i love them, and i've done couple before), but in every racing game you also have other AI cars... and that is a huge topic, and complex one...

so what would you suggest guys? which tutorials would you want to see... any suggestions are welcome :)

the thing is... i would probably want to keep this to playmaker asset only. or to free assets only, besides playmaker ofcourse... so that then limits my choices a bit...


Work In Progress... / Bus Simulator 2014 (Android)
« on: February 28, 2014, 02:58:22 PM »
Hello all!

im finishing my first game ever for mobile phones, and as you can guess, its about driving buses, and picking up passengers.

There is 1 level made right now. A lot of the city hasnt been made yet, as you will see, only 2 streets are fully made with all the props. I will probably release it for androids in 1-2 weeks. It will be free to play, and there will be interstitial ads shown at the end of completed level.
game has not been optimized much, theres a lot of draw calls now, because im using unity free, so there is no static batching for city.
in the final version, i will use SECTR plugin, that means city will be devided into big chuncks, and then when player will be stopped at bus station, the game will load next chunk of the city, and unload previous one.

game is 100% made with playmaker!!! except plugins that i bought ofcourse.

here is .apk file... transfer it to your phone and find it with file browser and install.

there are few penalty mechanics, such as:
  • if you will be speeding above 80km/h near police car you will get a ticket.
  • if you will drive over red light, you will get a ticket.
  • if you will break too hard, you will get a ticket.
how to play:
  • depending on how good ur phone is, you might want to go into settings screen first and change view distance from 400 to 150. 
  • then go to garage and buy london bus
  • go to level selection screen, and play first level.
  • once you complete first level, you can go back to garage and buy school bus and play first level again.
To Do List:
  • find some cheap low poly humans and replace those capsules :)
  • need to enhance menu a bit, especially background
  • need to complete whole city
  • once city is completed i need to create AI paths, and sections for SECTR plugin, and so on...
  • need to find some music for main menu
  • need to make nice icon for the game. can anyone help with that? :)
Known bugs:
  • garage slot has 1 vehicle empty, because i need to buy another bus skin first.
  • clicking on pause menu will mess up with camera, it sets its position to NaN, NaN, NaN... no idea why.
  • camera button does nothing yet.

any critics is welcome... that is why im posting it here... even if its bad, just tell me and i will do my best to fix it.

im quite sure this will be the best bus simulator for mobile phones.

Action Requests / ADMOB - interstitial ads
« on: February 26, 2014, 05:26:31 AM »
can anyone help me come up with a solution to display interstitial ads from ADMOB?

my 2 first games are almost finished, so now i started looking at displaying interstitial ads, and i had no idea that this will be such a problem...

so i searched on playmaker forums, nothing useful came up. so i looked at this asset: "Google Mobile Ads SDK"

here is the docs for it:

i thought i could use send message action, or call method?? can anyone help me with that pelase...

you can get "evaluation" version from developer, just send him email, he send me a version, and told me to buy it if i ever end up using it and getting it to work, and i didnt even ask him for one :)

im fine with any other plugin honestly...  although some cost like 50€ just for displaying admob  ads, thats just fucking ridiculous... (prime31)

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