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Playmaker Help / easysave turns rect into quaternion.!!
« on: August 03, 2015, 03:38:40 AM »
I'm using easysave with arraymaker..  To save lists and hashtables.  however a playmaker array list proxy I have contains rects.  And it is saved as Quaternions.  Does the same trick I guess, but would require me to recode and run through a lot of scripts to fix..   Basically It saves to quaternion, and then on load turns the list into a quaternion list. 

Anything to explain this?


For a simple description check this

I've got a sneaky suspicion that the structure of playmaker might already do what the above thread disusses. But it'd be good to know  in advance..

Hi on the Dialoguer thread of unity3d, it seems the author of Dialoguer is having some issues with fixing the playmaker bindings.  He asked if I where available to assist with answering some questions..

But honestly my knowledge of coding the bindings is less than helpfull. 

If anyone in the playmaker community is interested in helping this guy out?, I think it would be a great add-on to have with playmaker support.   It's just different enough from the existing dialogue add-on that, for me for instance, Dialoguer is a much more interesting option.. 

here's the thread, 

So any guru's who wouldn't mind helping him out, please post on his thread..


User Showcase / oberon's court is coming to steam (yey)
« on: April 06, 2014, 04:09:41 AM »
So Oberon's court has been approved by steam, and will now be the launching platform.  I'm going to turn everything around by this, as its a great opportunity.So its gonna be a while before the game enters the store proper or even early acces(still discussing this option).

So that's some good news I'm really happy to share. I had some luck and got introduced to the right people, but I think its good news in general and with the foreshadowed end of greenlight,they might really be opening up even more to indies.. 

Anyway, I'd just thought to post this here, as I could never have gotten as far as I have without playmaker. So Thanks guys, And I hope Obeon's Court when it comes out will also be a good showcase for your awesome kit.

So don't know if there's other playmaker using devs that are already in steam and have done the steamworks integration. But would be good to hear how it went/any tips?  (guessing there aren't any steamworks playmaker bindings, or i'll have to get someone to help code them)

cheerio, tomas

User Showcase / Oberon's Court single level alpha test version for PC
« on: February 28, 2014, 03:34:53 PM »
Okey, game on, download a single level playable alpha PC demo NOW!

Some info:

There are no missions, quests , storyline or even a game over screen. It's just a single level alpha test version.  (sorry!)

You can however try out the core gameplay and capture a small selection of souls..

User Posted Image

Let the feedback flow through you, happy hunting..

Playmaker Help / OnAwake, OnEnter and Playmaker
« on: February 21, 2014, 04:26:36 AM »
So I've read up on the different states and the onEnter and onUpdate in the actions.

Now I have two questions with regards to this, slightly related.

1. Is it possible to have an OnFSMactive state in the custom action. The reason for this is , that I tend to make loops for complicated logic chains.  But when doing this, the result is multiple states being triggered per frame.  And offcourse the OnEnter is called eached time a state is activated.  And any transform caching and initing is done each time.  Which is logical for the majority of states where you use "every frame" it gets triggered once, and then it loops only through OnUpdate.   

But when doing lots of states in a single frame, it would be great to cache transforms and such only on fsmactivate.

Would it be possible to add an OnFSMactivate state in the playmaker engine?  where you could cache transforms and other stuff that is basically static and only needs to be inited when an FSM activates, and doesn't change even onEnter or OnUpdate?   It could save some overhead when doing a lot of large FSM graphs.

2. This one is a bit different, but part of my learning to optimise FMS graphs. 
On mobile platforms activating a gameobject with several complex FSMcomponents  will cause a hickup.  As the graphs are only parsed and created onActivate, or onStart. (not quite sure, but seing as the FSMupdate spike is when I activate a gameObject not when I create it, it seems logical)

Is it possible to pre-warm a fsm, or add this feature.  So the FSM engine will FSM update a graph and keep it de-activated (or reset state) onAwake? 

This way when you use object pooling you can reduce the FSMupdate spikes tremendously as that work is done when the object was created during your pooling code (for instance during a load screen).

I've theorized I could get the same result by creating clones and activating them and then de-activating them. But that would mean adding more states to stop each graph from going down the full statemachine the first time (and causing a ruckus as the rest of the gamelogic is not up and running yet, during pool creation)

I don't know if this makes sense to you?   as far as I can tell the FSMupdate spike is the only real perfomance hickup that exists with Playmaker on mobile. 


Playmaker Help / has the set active, reset been fixed?
« on: February 09, 2014, 06:22:58 PM »
Have I noted correctly, that resetting an object to it's initial state when deactivating an object, now also resets it to active if this was his initial state?

at least in the last update.. 
If so, wooot, that's a decent fix.. are there more small fixes that bring such impacting results?   I can't find a release notes for that last update. 

Playmaker Help / when is a template loaded, on object create or activate?
« on: January 28, 2014, 04:08:21 PM »
Hi I need to know when a template is loaded. seeing as the reset on deactivate is greyed out.. does this mean on activate the template is reloaded?


Pre-release Discussion / Any word on Release build optimizations?
« on: January 03, 2014, 07:15:34 AM »
that removing unused actions as mentioned in the roadmap, is sounding pretty sweet.. been putting off cleaning out my states manually in anticipation for this..
Any word on when this might come?  or should I get of my lazy butt and start scrubbing ;)

Hi, well shameless plug, sorry.. But Oberon's Court a upcoming fantasy rts for mobile devices is made it to the final round of SlideDB's App off the year award, and with only 3 hours to go it needs all votes it can get.. Oooh and offcourse its fully made with playmaker (yey!).   

here's a shameless link, and its in the upcoming games/realtimestrategy category.
Really voting nrs aren't that huge for upcoming games, so every vote counts!.

really really sorry to spam, but really really gratefull for any vote.

Thanks Tomas Sala

Playmaker Bug Reporting / Play animation not finishing
« on: December 17, 2013, 08:41:01 AM »
Hi ever since updating to unity 4.3  I've had issues with the play_animation action not casting its finish event.   This happens both with the action referring to a dynamic object and animation, but also to action being used to trigger an animation of a regular known object and animation. 

The weird thing is,  just after a seemingly random period the script will kick back in and continue, (like 30 seconds later).   I've had this in a few scripts, I've been solving it by added simple send events with a roughly correct delay.  But its nagging at me that there's something wrong with either unity 4.3 or the play animation action.   

Using legacy rigs by the way, perhaps that could be an issue?

Anybody else have this??


Action Requests / Get gameObject delta
« on: November 28, 2013, 02:56:45 PM »
Gets the current delta vector (speed and direction) of a gameobject.. I've now been using a subtraction of prev-frame and current frame positions, which is annoying as you need two states..(especially in  a loop)

would clean up heaps of my states, as I use deltaPos for animation blends and more.. 

but not essential , but would be easy and quick thing some devs would find usefull..

User Showcase / Oberon's Court
« on: November 28, 2013, 02:49:35 PM »
Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce Oberon's Court to you.

About the game:

In Oberon's court you'll take command of squads of restless souls that you have chained and bound to your will. Recover resources such as bone, blood, steel and essence to customize the shades you've claimed from their resting places.

Game-play is Squad based, with individual commands such berserk, flee, vampirism and more per unit.

The entire game is developed without the use of textures to create a unique visual style, and allow the 3D graphics to run on mobile devices. With a focus on fast paced combat, unit upgrading and resource detection.

The initial release will focus on campaign based storytelling, following the player as he discovers the world of Oberon's Court and chains increasingly powerful souls, ranging from humble squires and foot soldiers to the souls of crusader knights and kings. Where the former will transform to low level units such as bodgers and hare knights, and the latter weavers and other powerful squad leaders.

Sadly as a one-man team on this one, I won't be able to offer multiplayer on the first release, but if the game finds enough players, I have plans in place to ramp up the team and fou

Each soul will be bound to the player's "cabinet" and improve persistently between maps and campaigns.

To kick things off here's the trailer

and some screens
here';s a grab of the mini dungeon's i'm working on.If anybody has an action to detect if an object is moving, I'm actually looking for one, to fix the teleport system for these dungeons.

and some main map screens

this what will be the main menu, narration interludes and map interface

a different map theme

and a recent gameplay video

Playmaker Help / sudden drops(best guess, GC collect or set active)
« on: October 13, 2013, 11:53:53 AM »
So I get a single frame performance drop in both editor and my android build.  bout every other 15-20 seconds. 

 when deep profiling I can find that since i'm pooling a lot of stuff that setting active will incur a lot of gcalloc (bout 250k up to 0.6 mb sometimes).

Now i'm not afraid of a little collecting or other overhead, as my nexus 7 is running the game at 100+fps.  but the GCcollect seems to stop the gamethread dead in its tracks, causing a more than noticable hard hickup.    So , and this is my current theory, after activating an object from the pool a lot of GC alloc is added, which is cleaned up bout 20 seconds later. Where the initial setactive is no big bump in the framerate, the GC.collect seems to drop the entire mainthread until it's done. Which provides a very noticable hickup in my otherwise hyper smooth game..

I've tried calling the GC.collect manually, but that gives the same annoying stutter but then more often..   (it doesn't seem the lighten the load of the regular GC)   

So I'm wondering.  a) when using your own pools, is there an alternative to setactive? ,
b)would turning off recursively help,(i have fsm scripts on children as well, but not that knowledgable what effect this might have)
c) is it normal for a setactive to incur a lot of GCalloc?

I've already minimized so much code, used pooling, no textures (the game has zero textures, only a few fonts) etc etc. interlaced every possible script. 

with an end result of a 3d rts that runs 60fps on ipad 2 and 100+fps on nexus 7.  But I'm going mental trying to remove the stutter, I realize there's not much one can do bout theGC.collect.  But any help is very appreciated.


Hi,  just a quick weirdness report. Updated to 1.7 and all set layer actions seem to have their layer value variable reset to default.   It seems this only happened where the variable was just an input and not a specified other variable..

hope that's clear.  fixing it now.. Just something you'd probably wanted to know chears..  Enjoying the SH** out of your toolkit BTW

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