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Hello Everyone,

We released our game this morning called Vanished: The Island.  It's a classic point-touch adventure style game for IOS.

Some reviews have started coming in, and we are really excited!

The majority of the logic was handled using playmaker, and we received a lot of help, albeit mostly silent, from users in this forum. 

So here is my HUGE thanks to you all!!!  as i pop the cap on the champagne...

And, as we move forward on the sequal, I plan to become a little more active on the forums here.

PlayMaker Help / Fade Camera in/out on IOS
« on: June 20, 2011, 12:17:27 AM »
I am using fade camera in/out in transitioning between scenes/levels in my game, which works fine in the preview.  When running on my ipod however, the effect is totally lost.  It's been a little challenging to understand what actions will work on my IOS device, and which won't.

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