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Following jeanfabre's example on basic input.touches I've managed to detect dragging and do some things while we are in dragging state and are hitting a specific gameobject with a raycast. However I would like a little help with going a bit further with this:

To the left is a placeholder that I already am able to detect if dragging is occuring inside.
To the right is a little heartcube. What I would like help with is to move this heart in only Y-axis according to where I am dragging on the placeholder. Where bottom should be 0% of the height and the top 100%. Simply put the heart should be in the same Y-position as my finger is on the placeholder.
I want it to work almost like a volume control from 0 to 100.

PlayMaker Help / Move gameobject around another gameobject [Solved]
« on: September 24, 2013, 05:50:59 AM »
I'm new to Unity and Playmaker but have learned quite a lot the last few weeks. I have been able to find the answers to all my questions in the forum so far but this time I can't seem to find one (probably because I use the wrong search terms).

I want to move a gameobject (eg an enemy) around another gameobject that has a rectangular shape:

Could anyone please hint me in a common direction? Should I use raycast or is setting an iTween path the way to go, perhaps there is some even easier method that I haven't found out about? I think the size on the rectangle might change on different levels later on as I move to designing levels.

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