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Windows Phone 8 Help / iTween
« on: August 24, 2013, 05:28:50 AM »
Hi, I have set up a simple sample scene to test iTween on my phone. I have a plane and a cube. At 2 second intervals the cube will bounce up into the air (add force to Y) and then, through physics it will bounce softly to settle back on the plane. This works fine on both PC and my WP8 device. I then added iTween Rotate Add to the cube so while it is in the air it spins somewhat, lands, waits a little and then repeats. This works fine on my PC but when I build and deploy it to my Lumia 920 it bounces up once (and settles back) and then nothing. It doesn't add the iTween Rotate to the cube and does not repeat. Is there a problem with using iTween on the WP8 platform?

I am new to developing so I may have done something totally stupid  :P

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