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PlayMaker Help / Fsm getting stuck on simple state
« on: February 06, 2013, 06:21:36 PM »
I'm suddenly having a weird problem I can't seem to debug. I have an FSM that has always worked before, but is now getting stuck on a very simple state and refusing to continue. The state in question has 3 SendMessage actions (all set to UseOwner and does not require reciever) and a GetComponent message. When the state is entered, nothing happens, the state just freezes. In the editor the first action is grey, the rest are stuck green, but the first action never actually fires either.

Any idea how to even begin debugging this? There are no errors in either the playmaker log or the unity log, and the exact same state is working fine in other fsms (I am reorganizing my fsms to be somewhat hierarchical, but this is happening without any subFsms even being enabled). Any help would be much appreciated.


PlayMaker Help / FSM Losing Variable References
« on: May 03, 2012, 04:44:12 PM »
I have a very strange problem, and I'm hoping someone will have run into it before. All of the sudden, when I play my scene, one of my FSMs is losing most of its action-variable references, causing null reference errors.

When I look at the FSM, the Action variables that are set to Specify Game Object, and then referenced to a global variable suddenly now say None, but the global variable itself is still linked fine. If I close the playmaker editor and run the scene (or run it in stand alone mode), it works perfectly.

Any ideas? Making a simple example scene may prove tricky, as there are a lot of dependencies, so any ideas of things to try before I do that would be great. If not, I'm not against just sending my project over (it's a little over 300mb) if someone is willing to take a look. Thanks.


Hi everyone,

I am a little stumped. I have a custom Entity component (monobehaviour) and am using GetComponent in my FSM to store that component in a variable. That part is working fine. However, I'm then trying to access a public bool on that component called isAlive from that stored object.

When I add the GetProperty action to my state, it allows me to select that variable for the object, and it populates the list of properties correctly, but if I select any of the Entity class properties, the store variable line disappears from the action inspector. However, if I go down to the inherited subsection, and chose one of the inherited properties (from monobehaviour) suddenly I can store them again.

Am I misunderstanding how GetProperty is supposed to work? I could have sworn you could use it to store standard, public data-types from custom components, but maybe I'm crazy. Thanks for any help you can give.



This only happens when I'm accessing my Entity class as an FSMObject variable. If I just drag an entity component onto the action, it works fine. If I try to use the stored object, the Type updates correctly (and says "Entity") but I lose the store ability.

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