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I seem to have a bug in Playmaker 1.4.3f5 - I get different behaviour depending on which FSM is selected in the IDE. I've recorded a video, which you can view here:

The expected behaviour is that the cube becomes visible when I enter playback mode.

What happens is that if I have the main FSM selected when hitting play, the cube does not become visible.
However, if I have the sub-FSM selected, the cube does become visible. I'm making no other changes, as you can see. I'm guessing this is not expected behaviour. I may be wrong of course..

Any ideas anyone?

PlayMaker Help / Enable FSM + Send Event + Debug problem
« on: July 08, 2012, 06:13:20 AM »

I may be misunderstanding how PlayMaker works.

When entering a certain state, I want to enable a FSM, and send it an event. Simple, right? Well, the FSM is enabled, but the event is never received. Also, a debug log error is never triggered either.

Anyone know why this is?

This does not call the debug action

This does call the debug action



I've made a few things with Playmaker, and I think it's absolutely fantastic, and pretty intuitive too.

I'm making a 3RD person ARPG style thing:

..and I'm wondering what the best practise is to construct the FSMs to control the player and NPCs. Each character has between 10-30 animations.

Would you advise one for dealing with the logic, and a separate one for dealing with the animation graph? Or combine them into one huge - perhaps unwieldy - FSM?

Currently each character has one FSM for controlling everything, but I'm wondering if it's a better idea to separate them before I get too involved in creating something that's going to be a pain to pick apart later.

Or is there some other way? Any advice is greatly appreciated..! :)

[Edit: i initially posted this in the wrong forum, moved it to here. whoops!]

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Bug in SetAgentDestinationAsGameObject
« on: June 18, 2012, 01:20:42 AM »
I can't use the built-in bug reporter because of the crossdomain.xml error.

Copying the report I wrote:

Potential bug in SetAgentDestinationAsGameObject.

If SetAgentDestinationAsGameObject is called twice on the same destination, this line of code means the destination is never set:
if (deltaPosition.sqrMagnitude>squareDistance)

because of this: Vector3 deltaPosition = newPosition-lastPosition;

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