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Is there a reason why playmaker should respond differently when played in editor and IOS?

When in editor, my FSM works perfectly (detects and changes the active states of game objects), however when on IOS it can do everything but actions involving the 'active' state of the game object.

I hope this makes sense. I can post a package if need be.

thank you in advance.


Playmaker Help / Vectrosity Headache!
« on: January 24, 2014, 11:15:06 AM »
Hi, Hope you guys can help as this is pickling my tiny mind.

all i wish to do is be able to make a spline created with Vectrosity visible\invisible through a button with an FSM on it.

I have the Vectrosity actions, but am completely stumped about how to access the line so I can disable it. Looking through the forums I've seen the Vectrosity.AddProxy, but I have no Idea how to implement this and make it usable. For instance in the Vectrosity demo scene, the 'makespline' script:

Code: [Select]
import Vectrosity;
import System.Collections.Generic;

var segments = 250;
var loop = true;
var usePoints = false;

function Start () {
var splinePoints = new List.<Vector3>();
var i = 1;
var obj = GameObject.Find("Sphere"+(i++));
while (obj != null) {
obj = GameObject.Find("Sphere"+(i++));

if (usePoints) {
var dotLine = new VectorPoints("Spline", new Vector3[segments+1], null, 2.0);
dotLine.MakeSpline (splinePoints.ToArray(), segments, loop);
else {
var spline = new VectorLine("Spline", new Vector3[segments+1], null, 2.0, LineType.Continuous);
spline.MakeSpline (splinePoints.ToArray(), segments, loop);

How would I go about making this spline available to the playmaker actions?

Sorry in advance for my coding incompetence.. hence my love of playmaker!!



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