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PlayMaker Help / 2.5D in 3D world with different camera angles
« on: February 01, 2014, 02:24:27 PM »
Hello folks,

I recently purchased Playmaker and still going through all the documentation and video tutorials and I understand the basics of Javascript.  I've been able to hard code a traditional 2.5D platformer using a RigidBody, but was never able to figure out how to implement 2.5D characters in a 3D world and rotating camera angles with relative movement.

Essentially, the player will control the avatar using WASD controls and GetAxis Horizontal (left and right) and Vertical (to and from camera) with a jump function.  By pressing "q" (-90 rotation) and "E" (+90 rotation) for camera rotation and WASD movement remains relative instead of global.

So, how does one accomplish this?  The general movement script and FSM are super easy to create, but the relative movement keeps stumping me every time.  I'd love to make this into a video tutorial and open source for others with similar questions.


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