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EasyMobs download:!ApREGYJdm9zRgQGHSJ5yGcqsqEDk

PDF Setup Manual (also inside package itself):!ApREGYJdm9zRgQDQ9P1d9jQupBpl

I have decided that I have no desire to take my Easy Mobs fsm kit any further.
As it stands its as feature complete as I wanted it to be and works well.

I have not brought it up to the latest versions, but I have imported it in the current Unity build and experienced no problems.

What is it?

Easy Mobs is 2 simply complex fsms that allow you to pretty much drop in basic AI to mobs. It comes with a detailed .pdf manual (and 2 youtube videos) explaining how to use it and is VERY commented internally.

Overview and Use tutorial:

Tutorial on setup your imported model:

The mobs can be set to do any of the following in what is called an "idle loop". Play idles anim, special idle adds (like scratch, yawn, etc), turn random dir, walk/run/special move for whatever distance, get bored and seek out behavior nodes to interact with (eat bodies, play long anims like dance ect., loot chests.. etc) all the while reacting to player based on its combat state... run away, challenge then attack if player stays, and of course engage immediately.

You can also integrate tasks into the loop to make mobs that will perform certain tasks for specified periods before idling if wanted; included are patrol 4 points (easily extended), mine a node till 10 resource then drop off at storage node, and plant tree/mines randomly while wandering.

The mob will take damage when attacked utilizing the Combat fsm which allows for tons of damage variations including damage-over-time.

I enjoyed working on this and hope someone gets some use out of it! It should be very easily extendable with minimal skill once you see what it is doing in the loop.

Please comment here if you find it useful and feel free to give me credit if you use it commercially (but not required). If goes without saying not to commercialize it into a Playmaker kit using my work... I will know.

If you have problems you can ask here but I do not plan to spent a lot of time supporting this project.

Chris Infinger

PlayMaker Help / Math problem [SOLVED]
« on: September 28, 2015, 01:29:26 AM »
I am using a hit-bar made from an elongated cube primitive over my enemy.

My problem is this: Unity 3d objects only have a scale value and so you can't simply set length to 100 to match your hitpoints and reduce by variable subtract like you can in 2d. So I set my scale to 1 which looks about right and reduce it in float increments to 0.0 and it works great. However, my damage and hitpoints are still based on 100s system 0-100. I can't seem to wrap my math-poor brain around how to convert say 57 incoming damage into .057 float value using Playmaker actions.

PlayMaker Help / Variable lock?
« on: September 13, 2015, 11:48:58 AM »
OK here is what I am trying to do:

I have an AI entity that detects a player tagged object and makes a beeline for it.
I have a timer that makes AI entity stop chasing if the player decides to run away (and is faster) its a simple wait time transition if attack state hasn't transitioned in time allotted. What I would like to do is have the AI Entity go back to its starting location. It would be fairly simple to grab the starting vec3 and store it and use it to re position.. IF my combat system wasn't a constant running loop. In my system the set variable may update numerous times if the player and AI battle, run, battle, run.. etc.

Now I know I could make another variable and use it to let vec3 storing state to know if its safe to overwrite or not but this would be so much simpler if you could lock/unlock a variable via an action. This would allow me to simply lock the vec3 value at state exit and unlock it after combat ends or timer expires.

Anyone know of such a thing in Playmaker without having to write my own?

I will gladly accept completely new ideas on how to do this as well. :)

I know I am missing something elementary so maybe a fresh mind can point it out.

I have a gameobject that periodically rotates in a random direction. It is then supposed to move forward (local Z) for a period of time then repeat. All works well except that it always moves in the Z of the original transform (ie. the direction the gameobject was facing when game started). I have tried getting rotation and setting it prior to move and have stored object transform.. but unable to figure out how to set objects transform from variable..

any ideas on how I should best approach this?

I am using itween rotate add to rotate the cube and I am playing an animation while it rotates. The itween exits using the Finished exit event and the animation is set to stop on exit. The animations are on an object parented to a control object which is being rotated. From watching it run using scene view the parent control object isn't even rotating, only the child object is... however, I am specifically using the control object inside the itween action (drag-drop). I tried disabling the animation.. still doesn't rotate specified GO...

Also.. my animations are on the child object so during the rotating state I play animations pointing at the child object, then itween rotate pointing at parent object.. (I have switched the order.. no different).. in prior states to this I play animations from child as well... do I need to tell playmaker that parent is back in focus somehow prior to using itween?

PlayMaker Help / Break from current active state
« on: August 27, 2015, 02:47:57 PM »
Long time owner, short time user question so I may be missing something simple.

I have a mob AI FSM that simply plays an idle then at a random interval jumps to a animation picking state to play simple idle adds like scratch, look around etc. then when animation done it jumps to a third state that sets a random rotation value and then jumps to either a right or left rotate state. Lastly when itween rotation done it flows back into the main idle state.

I intend to have sensory FSM triggers send events back to this MainBrain FSM when player is spotted via raycast, or enters a proximity trigger, etc.

My question/concern: Is there a way to break out of the active idle states system and jump to movement/targetting states when these event transitions arrive or will I need to store them in variables and check those upon arriving back at idle to start reactions to the external input? I could do this with minimal delay since the idle system runs fairly quick but it would only work well for dumb mobs...

PlayMaker Help / play random animation weight [SOLVED]
« on: August 26, 2015, 09:15:54 PM »
I searched for old post but found none to answer my specific question... which is:
What exactly is the weight?
Is it a % of 100, 1-10, or other measure?
The help screen is very vague.

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