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User Showcase / Verde Station - Already Greenlit, Coming soon
« on: September 04, 2014, 05:21:44 PM »

Hello all,

I don't post on here very often but I read the forums constantly.  They've been a great tool for me whenever I get stuck.

I just wanted to share a game that I've been working on by myself the past few months. It's called Verde Station and it was made using 99% Playmaker. I am a huge fan of this tool, there's no way I could have made this game without it.

It's a discovery exploration game set on a space station where you are on a year long solo mission. You main responsibility is taking care of the greenhouse. As you explore you learn more about what's going on. Or at least you think you do. The game messes with the player a bit and reacts to how they play.

Verde Station was Greenlit on Steam about a month ago and I'm hoping to release if very soon. I'll be sure to update here when it's out. If anyone has any questions about the game or how I use Playmaker just let me know.

The trailer above is from the Greenlight so it's about a month and a half old. The main change since then is that I completely updated the computer terminals so it actually feels like an old school OS. Below is a screenshot of one of the terminals and what it's FSMs looks like. And there are tons that look like that. A bit complex but it makes sense to me, and more importantly THEY WORK.  ;)

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PlayMaker Help / Raycast help for picking up items
« on: June 04, 2014, 04:17:04 PM »
TLDR - How to pick up items like in Gone Home?

Sorry this is so long, just trying to give everyone enough info.  I need a bit of help with raycasting. I've been searching for a really long time and haven't found any answers but please let me know if I missed them. Essentially I want to create item interaction like in Gone Home. This is how it works in the game:
  • If the player is close to an item and looking at it, text pops on screen saying something like "Pick up"
  • If they look away the text goes away
  • While looking at an item they can pick it up with 'E'
  • This holds it in front of the camera until they hit 'E' again which will toss the item a few feet.
  • While holding an item they can rotate it by dragging right mouse

Ideally this is done as a FSM only on the Character Controller or a template that I can just attach to any object without having to customize. This is my current setup, screenshots too:
  • First Person Controller
  • GUI Text Manager that I created, creates text on screen or sets it to blank
  • FSM is on the main camera
  • Main camera has an empty game object about 2 feet in front of camera (this is where I want the object to move to.)
  • All items that can be picked up are on the 'Interactive' layer.
  • State 1 is the Raycaster - has a Hit Event to go to State 2
  • State 1 stores the hit object in as a variable (does this need to be global?)
  • State 1 has a filter to only hit objects on my 'Interactive' layer.
  • State 2 sends an event to my GUI text manager and creates the text
  • State 2 has a Get Key Down action for 'E' to go to State 3
  • State 3 has an iTween move to action that should move the object to the empty game object in front of the camera

State 1 works. The variable works (it stores the object hit), my GUI text manager creates the text. Pressing 'E' goes to State 3. Then I start running into problems. Since all my objects need rigidbodies gravity takes affect as it's moving towards the camera and it falls to the ground. Objects that don't have rigidbodies move fine but then stay at that exact world vector and don't move as the player continues to move.

How do I reset the Raycast/GUI text if the player looks at an item then looks away? I tried doing another Raycast in State 2 with an inverted mask but that creates an infinite loop.
How do I move the hit object to the empty game object in front of the camera and keep it there until the player presses 'E' again?
How do I rotate a held object when the player right clicks and drags? One axis is fine.

Thanks for any help. ;D

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