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Hey guys,

Got a bit of a stubborn challenge I'm trying to work though!

Core feature: Record the total time a player is standing still throughout the game.

I've got this most of the way figured out. I've got my 'moving' and 'not moving' states working wonderfully, and I discovered Get Time Info, which does 90% of what I need. It has a Get Info of 'Time In Current State', which records how long the state is active (clearly), but it resets whenever I exit the state (well--it resets when I re-enter the state. On exit it saves the float value).

Can anyone think of a way to get this working additively? So rather than resetting the float every time the state is re-entered, it sort of...picks up where it left off? Like pausing a stopwatch rather than clearing it.

Thoughts much appreciated!  ;D

PlayMaker Help / Check array for any objects with a specific tag?
« on: June 04, 2014, 04:35:55 PM »
I feel like there's definitely a way to do this, and I'm just not finding it!

I'm using the custom overlap sphere action that someone kindly contributed to the forum to build an array of objects within range of my subject. I want to check that array to see if anything contained within it has a specific tag, and send an event.

The only ArrayMaker action I've found that utilizes tags just builds an array based on them.

Am I overlooking an specific action, or can someone suggest a way to get the results I'm looking for?

Thanks!! ;D

PlayMaker Help / SendEvent string function missing?
« on: May 23, 2014, 12:16:53 AM »
Hey guys,

I've been using Playmaker a ton lately, and I really love it! I'm actually in the middle of building my own custom AI and largely it's been going very smoothly. Unfortunately today I ran into a little issue regarding animation events. I actually think I'm running into the same problem that someone on another thread ran into (second post from the last), but they never followed up so there was no resolution.

Basically, I'm trying to trigger a sound via an animation event. I found the instructions on how to do this in the manual and was able to set it up without any issue on a test mesh (the same mesh as my AI, but without any of the FSMs on it). However, when I went to try and recreate the exact same scenario on my AI, the animation event function list was significantly shorter than it should be....and SendEvent(string) wasn't among the group. I tried fiddling around by deselecting objects, switching to different FSMs, pretty much anything, and on a couple of occasions I was able to get the full list to appear, but whenever I switched back to the FSM that I wanted to govern the sounds, the function would get the (function not supported) note added. I tried restarting Unity a couple of dice. Always the same issue.

Attached is a screenshot of what I mean.

Any ideas as to what's going wrong? It works beautifully on my test object, so I don't want to have to give up on it!


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