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PlayMaker Help / Accessing a Texture Array
« on: March 07, 2015, 01:43:46 PM »

I have an empty GameObject with an attached script for a texture2D array. The array is public for dragging texture onto it.

I want to change the sprite of an UI Image by clicking on a button - kind of a simple slideshow.

Is it possible to access this array with Playmaker and swap through the array ?

I read about the ArrayMaker - installed and tested it, but have no idea how to use this. Also not sure if this works with Sprite ?

PlayMaker Help / How to "animate" set property values
« on: February 25, 2015, 03:33:07 AM »

I have a screen-overlay component on my camera and i'd like to change the intensity value from 0 to 2.

On a button ( new ui ) i got the FSM and a set property action for that component. But i can only set the value to 2. But i want to have a fading-effect, so the value must change from 0 to 2 over 1 second or so.

Any ideas how to "animate" this cahnge of settings?

General Discussion / Need a little help for UI Basics
« on: February 24, 2015, 02:10:53 AM »

I'm using Playmaker since yesterday - i think it's possibilitys are awesome!

I've watched many tutorials on this page - but as it is - when you start your own "thing" you don't have a glue where to start  :o

So i'm trying to build a kind of a basic mockup for a simple menu with the new UI. I need a button which toggles an object on/off AND enables the blur filter on a camera when turn the object on and disables the filter when turning the object off.

I have a State with the UGUI / ON CLICK global transition on it and two empty states : Blurred and notBlurred. Also two custom Transitions: isBlurred and isNotBlurred.

My first action in this State is "get Property" of the Filtercomponent, check if it's enabled and store this into a Bool-variable.

And now i don't know how to make a "conditional" action, like: when the variable == true please fire the isBlurred transition, if the variable == false please fire the isNotBlurred transition.

Would be happy for every hint :)

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