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i only work in the instance to drag deep hierarchy stuff in the variables instead of using find

I also have this happen to me several times in the past weeks
just happened today on a very big FSM
lucky enough i could roll back and redo my changes

I have a prefab called "manager", with several chilren
made a new gameobject variable inside of the FSM attached to it
then dragged it in the scene so it becomes a instance
the FSM has 3 nodes with action "set gameobject action"
i dragged some children from the "manager" in the slots for "set gameobject action"
then clicked apply on the "manager" instance
now going back to the prefab a lot of gameobject variables are shuffled

playmaker version is 1.8.0f43 unity 5.2.3.f1 (not 5.3!)

i think in the past when it got corrupted it was similar.
my current workaround is
dragging gameobjects directly in actions isntead of making a variable, exposing it in the editor, and dragging it in the variable slot of the fsm
and lots of backups

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