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PlayMaker Tips & Tricks / Re: Tools For SteamVR
« on: July 25, 2016, 04:05:49 AM »

I am using Steam VR tools for Playmaker and are trying to understand the grip button better.

I have a trigger that are waiting for a Collide Tag (GameController). On trigger enter it sends me over to waiting for grip and then I use Get Grip that when is true sends an event "Did grip". Also I store the value and have Every Frame checked.

This works fine and I then get to the next state where i want the object with the trigger to set material color unitil I release the grip button. Then I want another Get Grip that when is false to send an event "Not gripping" which goes back to the waiting for grip. But it only works for what seams to be a frame. It blinks and then goes back to waiting for grip no mather if i release the grip button or not.

Help plz?  :-[

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