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Ok so I have an inventory system building currently. I have a public var as such:

var sanityLev : Texture2D;

and later in the inventory script I draw that texture to a specific section of the inventory when you open the inventory/hit the inventory button.

Using this portion of code to draw the texture in the right area.

   GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(195,700,200,250), sanityLev);// Diplay First Sanity Texture

I have a sanity tracking FSM, it checks the global sanity level of the character, depending on the threshold of sanity level of the main player, i want it to change the Texture2D image for the sanityLev on the inventory script.

 So say I have a brain image loaded up in the inspector to display when i first open the inventory. Then the character loses some sanity points later, when we open the inventory the Texture changed from a brain to a different image.

How do i accomplish this? I have not been working with Playmaker in awhile and everything I have found so far is confusing me. Does it have something to do with the Playmaker Set Property action? Would I use that somehow? Or something completely different?


Ok so that was actually super simple, I was trying to set the property of the wrong things, I was dragging the parent item in there and the objects in there trying to sort this out.

What I did that worked was I dragged the actual script onto the FSM, selected set property, in the drop down within that I found my variables that held the textures I wanted to change and bam. Done.

PlayMaker Tutorials / Re: A Sharing FSM thread?
« on: July 21, 2013, 11:17:20 AM »
A note system i created in Playmaker. So you can pick up pages and look at them to read them sort of like Penumbra or most FPS games where you look at pages or journal entries you find laying around. Currently all you have to do is add this FSM to your note objects and make sure the raycastings are set to your players camera and in the FSM itself add a Draw Texture Action to the Display Note area of the FSM, select the texture that represents your note and it will display it on the screen when you press the E key while looking at a the note object from within a certain distance..

Need some help though to make it so it can use GUI skin/styles though for better control. But for now it works just not exactly how i want it yet.

Download for the FSM i exported from unity here

PlayMaker Help / Help with determining health status on trigger enter
« on: January 13, 2013, 02:25:55 PM »
So right now I have a trigger that when the player enters it they take health damage and it updates the health tracker. For example, character has 100 health, enters hidden trigger and takes 2 damage and the health updates this to say the character now has 98 health. Now I want to create other types of triggers where when the character walks into a trigger, it checks to see how much health the character has and depending on how much health the character has it does something different. Example: Character walks into a trigger with 100 health, the trigger sees the character has 100 health and does nothing. Character walks into the same trigger later and has 50 health and now that trigger does a specified number of actions.

The way in my head I see this needing to work is that the trigger sees if the characters health is between 75 and 100 a series of actions happen. If the characters health is between 50 and 75 a DIFFERENT series of actions happen.

Now I think I can pretty much set all this up but I am not sure what action may check to see where the characters health stands between specific numbers and depending on where they stand health wise it heads to the next appropriate set of actions.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

Right now the characters health is tracked and updated via a global float.

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